Here, we will address issues related to security to avoid unpleasant surprises.

No economy in the choice of batteries

Probably the most important tip, don’t be stingy and be very vigilant where you buy your battery, counterfeits are unfortunately very widespread. Prefer recognized shops and brands, avoid dubious sites, and very attractive prices, we are talking above all about security, so bet a minimum. In addition, with a few precautions and a minimum of care, the cost of your battery will be quickly amortized. We don’t invest in second-hand batteries either, not knowing how they were treated before. I would recommend the Sony VTC6.

How to carry a battery

– The batteries must be transported in a suitable and insulating box

– Do not leave your batteries lying around at the bottom of the bag with the keys and any yellow parts lying around there which could cause short circuits

– Do not discharge your battery before charging it again

You can get protection at very affordable prices. There are airtight cases and silicone protective cases, which will allow you to protect your batteries in your pocket for example.

 Consider giving your battery a second life when it is damaged, it can cause short circuits in the long term. Changing the Wrap is also a great technique to differentiate your batteries. We advise you, Cute characters, Spider-Man…. So you will find your way more easily between those loaded and those to be loaded!

Stereotypes? The electronic cigarette can explode! Fake and fake!

Know first of all that it is the battery that explodes. The term explosion is not adequate, we speak of degassing. The battery releases a jet of burning material that can cause burns. So be careful of the degassing holes, some counterfeits, for example, do not have vents, which are nevertheless necessary for your safety.

A few precautions

  • Charging must be done with a suitable adapter
  • Be sure to observe the polarity
  • Charge your batteries on a hard, flat surface
  • Avoid exposing your battery to temperature variations, never leave a battery in direct sunlight, or checked baggage on an aeroplane.
  • We do not store batteries in bulk on top of each other
  • Be sure to choose the most suitable battery according to your equipment, in terms of size, capacity, autonomy, discharge rate, power…
  • Regularly check your resistance to avoid any possible malfunction
  • If you use several batteries in a box, prefer batteries of the same brand, and the same number of charge and discharge cycles
  • Also, remember that we are not Mac Gyver, we do not drill, we do not disassemble, we do not wet and do not try to repair a battery

When to change your e-cigarette battery

  • When damaged
  • When it no longer charges properly
  • When it discharges too quickly
  • Finally, remember to recycle your batteries