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It became our best-seller, the eGo AIO from Joyetech. A simple and effective product in a small format will certainly become the benchmark for electronic cigarettes. The perfect vaporizer for beginners but which will also appeal to experienced vapers with its simplicity and discretion.

This electronic cigarette is very good for starting and discovering the world of vaping, but some of you may have had small problems on first use. We are going to explain to you here why and above all how to overcome this little inconvenience and be able to make the most of your eGo AIO.

Some of you, therefore, encounter a problem on first use: the electronic cigarette heats up too much and you feel a burnt aroma in your mouth.

Don’t worry, it’s just a resistance priming problem and once you figure it out there won’t be any worries!

To solve this “problem”:

During the first use and with each new resistance, you must put a few drops of liquid on the resistance before installing it on the cap of the cigarette. You must then install it, fill the tank and wait 5 minutes with the resistance bathed in the liquid.

This soaks the coil cotton with liquid and avoids the burnt taste you may have encountered. This small manipulation is called in the jargon of the electronic cigarette the ignition of the resistance.

The eGo AIO uses the latest generation resistors to heat the liquid you put in the tank. These resistances are surrounded by cotton.

The system is simple: when you press the button to vape, it heats the resistance. By heating, the resistance will heat the cotton. If the cotton is soaked in e-liquid, it will evaporate and produce vapour.

The problem is that when the cotton is too dry, it will heat up “without liquid”. This, therefore, leads to a very unpleasant burnt taste, it is the taste of burnt cotton. This is called in the jargon a Dry Hit (a dry draw)

To avoid this, the cotton of the coils must be well soaked in e-liquid. It is therefore necessary to put some directly in it for each new resistance and to let it rest a little. 

This operation only needs to be done once when the resistor is new.

This point is not always clarified on the notices (and many notices are in English), we hope to have helped those of you who may have encountered this kind of inconvenience.

So don’t worry, it’s normal, you just have to do a little manipulation the first time. And it’s very easy to do!

The eGo AIO still seems to us to be the best electronic cigarette to start with and you will be satisfied once it works well!

Happy Vaping everyone!