If you analyze the market of vape products to buy Juul competitors Pod Devices, then you will see that in addition to the usual tanks, drips, snips and box mods, closed-type systems or POD systems are becoming more and more popular. This is due to the fact that after the appearance of liquids based on saline nicotine, which several times faster gets into the blood of a vaper, it became necessary to create systems that do not produce much steam, but have compact dimensions and autonomy. Almost every well-known and not very manufacturer has such systems in their arsenal, and Smok is no exception, as it has repeatedly proved to competitors that it keeps up with the times. One of the new Buy Juul competitors Pod Devices recently introduced by the company is the Nord Pod System Kit – a POD system that not only gives the vaper significant autonomy, but also allows the use of vaporizers for saline and regular nicotine, making the device universal.

General information

Smok Nord Pod System Kit is a POD system equipped with a powerful battery in which several types of branded vaporizers can be used, allowing liquids to be used on both normal and saline nicotine. The device is not the smallest size, as it is equipped with a built-in battery powerful enough for its class. The possibility of independent choice and replacement of evaporators allows the vaper to choose the best option for work, depending on the type of preferred liquid, its strength and type of nicotine used. Smok offers vapers and smokers who quit smoking, Nord in six colors – all black, gold, bottle green, and red, rainbow and black and white.

Equipment of these Buy Juul competitors Pod Devices.

Given the fact that this model of the POD system provides for the possibility of replacing evaporators, you can find a lot of “buns” in the kit, so the manufacturer offers:

Nord Pod System Kit;

0.6 Ohm Mesh Coil Evaporator for Subwoofing;

1.4 Ohm MTL Coil Evaporator for using nicotine saline fluids;

USB cable for charging;