Charger Corrosion

Even if your e-cigarette battery has a sealed terminal, it may not be completely resistant to the problems caused by leaking e-liquid. If you don’t clean your batteries regularly before charging them, moisture on the terminal can finally make your charger corrode.

The worst is visible corrosion. This may be shown as a green, white, or orange accumulation around the area of the port. If not properly addressed, it will spread like a fungus until it eats through vital components.

If this has already happened, you may clean the corrosion and get your batteries charged normally again. However, it is better, though, to prevent it from occurring at all. Before charging an e-cigarette battery, push a paper towel into the threading to clean away any e-liquid that may have dripped through the atomizer or cartomizer.

The report reveals that the issue has been encountered by many electronic charger owners. But it is not a tragedy. None has to panic.

In case when you applied all the instructions required and it still did not improve the situation, consult any specialist or bring the device to the store you bought it. There is always a solution: either to replace the charger or fix the used one.