Many seek to quit tobacco. The information on the low harmfulness of the electronic cigarette compared to the traditional tobacco cigarette would not be a necessary recourse? Different from simple cigarettes, they have certain advantages, whether in terms of health or budget. Instead of regularly buying conventional cigarettes, it may be more economical to acquire a single e-cigarette, and this, only once. Although nicotine is most often present in this type of cigarette, there are few other toxic substances, if any. The main killer elements of traditional cigarettes are in any case not present: carbon monoxide and tar do not exist in the world of electronic cigarettes.

Currently very popular, the electronic cigarette continues to evolve. There are all kinds and a plethora of choices available to you. Only it would be necessary to know how to make the right choice, especially if you have never had recourse to the purchase of such equipment. Even connoisseurs sometimes get lost in their selection.

Before buying an electronic cigarette, what criteria should be considered?

As we often say: “Let’s start at the beginning!”. Any electronic cigarette is made up of different parts that are very distinct from each other. However, each part deserves attention.

  • First, there is the battery. An electronic cigarette could not work without a battery. A central button is visible on the latter, allowing to turn on or off the cigarette. Say goodbye to lighters and matches! Wattage, like battery life, is highly dependent on the cigarette model you select. It varies, in general, between 6 to 24 hours. In addition, you must choose between: the fixed voltage battery – easy to use – and the variable voltage one.
  • Besides the battery, there is the atomizer, commonly called Clearomizer. It acts as a reservoir for the electronic cigarette, and therefore contains the liquid. The quality and type of clearomiser chosen will impact the quality of the flavours and the quantity of vapour produced. Generally, a lower ring allows for adjusting the airflow or airflow sent to the resistance, it is called an airflow ring or AFC (airflow controller).
  • The electronic cigarette is also equipped with a resistance thanks to which the liquid can be heated to be transformed into vapour. The tank accommodates the resistance, a replaceable part, which, heated by the energy sent by the battery, will vaporize the e-liquid present in the tank. This resistor is made of a metal shell that encapsulates a coil of resistive wire and a capillary that will soak up e-liquid, often cotton. The resistive resistance wire is available in several materials: Kanthal, Titanium, Nickel, Nichrome,… You may not know it yet, but electronic cigarettes have a particular flavour. The taste is very dependent on the quality and type of resistance chosen. Its value is usually between 0.2 and 2 ohms.
  • Last but not least: the mouthpiece, also known as the Drip Tip. Inserted into a standard slot, usually of the 510 types, it allows vapour to come out of the electronic cigarette when you inhale. They come in all shapes, sizes, materials, colours… it’s the personalization accessory par excellence.

For each profile, which electronic cigarette?

  • Occasional smokers

Among the various electronic cigarettes intended for occasional smokers, the “pod” or cartridge-type cigarette like the Von Erl is one of the most popular. There is nothing like this type of cigarettes to learn about electronic cigarettes, and this, in complete safety. Equipped with cartridges pre-filled with liquid, this electronic cigarette will not complicate your life with the problems of leaks. It is also easy to use. As for its handling, it suffices, for example, to insert the cartridge and then vape it without even pressing a button. 

What about moderate smokers?

These people smoke regularly. They need more powerful equipment, but again and above all, more autonomy. This is why you should avoid getting simple kits (of course, if you belong to this profile category). These are very likely not to satisfy you and send you back to your cigarettes.

Examples of electronic cigarettes for moderate smokers? There is the eGo AIO, the K3 kit from Aspire, the PIPELINE T20 or the S22 Series kit from Jac Vapor. Whether or not you are new to using electronic cigarettes, there is no doubt: that these replaceable coil kits are made for you.

Electronic cigarettes for heavy smokers, there are!

It may be wise to choose a kit with a removable battery and thus to bring several batteries. 

PIPELINE Mesmerize Clearomizer

Drip Tip World Cup

How to choose the right electronic cigarette?

Like all things, before making any purchase, ask yourself: “What are my real needs? Why would I want to spend money on this or this? What do I expect from this object? »

As for the electronic cigarette, you can, for example, ask yourself about your situation. In which category of smoker do you place yourself? Are you the type who only smokes 5 cigarettes a day, or rather the type who can’t live without 3 packs of cigarettes a day?

Indeed, each smoking profile corresponds to an electronic cigarette. In general, we face 3 different profiles, and the classification is made according to the nicotine dependence, the power of smoke and even the types of cigarettes smoked:

  • First, some smoke only occasionally, that is to say: between 8 to 10 cigarettes in a day.
  • Other people smoke moderately, and therefore: take between 10 to 20 cigarettes in less than 24 hours.
  • Finally, some qualify as “heavy smokers” and need at least 20 cigarettes a day.

Then we can refine by determining if you need nicotine, the taste, the hit (passage in the throat), the gesture…