Choosing the right electronic cigarette is essential for successful smoking cessation and avoiding tobacco use. There are many models of vapers with different styles and formats. With an electronic cigarette adapted to your needs, you increase the chances of staying away from traditional cigarettes. Each vaping profile has a different need. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper.

Beyond the design of electronic cigarettes, it is also and above all necessary to look at the mode of operation to choose the ideal model. What could be better than a simple and easy-to-use electronic cigarette to start vaping? Indeed, when you start vaping and discover the world of vaping, the simplest models are recommended with quick filling, little or no adjustment and if possible a model where there is no need to change resistance like pod mods. When the resistance of the pod is worn out, you just need to replace the pod. It’s simple, fast and effective. And on the filling side, most pods have the same operation: just remove the pod from the battery and then remove the cap to access the tank. For example, you can opt for a mini electronic cigarette that allows you to vape discreetly while ensuring a high level of vapour yield.

If replacing a resistor does not scare you, you can opt for an all-in-one kit in a discreet format but just as powerful. The latest generation of electronic cigarettes offers an exceptional quality of vaping. Beginner vapers will quickly be seduced by the vaping quality of these simple models. Effectively, daily use remains as simple as ever: the filling is done either from the top of the clearomiser or from the bottom. In the second case, it requires unscrewing the clearomizer to fill the tank. Regarding the resistance, its change is necessary every 15 to 20 fillings depending on the model and the use of the vaper. This is not a very difficult step since it consists in most cases of unscrewing the clearomiser to have access to the resistance.

After a first experience that can last from a few weeks to several months, vapers often want to change their way of vaping with the desire to try new clearomizers, to vape with more power or configure their electronic cigarette. Vapers can then turn to much more advanced boxes that often allow much more precise adjustments: adjustment of power or temperature, choice of resistance model, adjustment of airflow… so many possibilities that allow personalizing your vape. These models generally have a battery with a fairly large autonomy. Before embarking on acquiring a box-type electronic cigarette, it is advisable.

Beyond your vaping profile, other essential criteria should be taken into account. For a successful vaping experience, you should not focus solely on the design of an electronic cigarette. Although it may seem very pretty and personalized, its use may not be adapted to the profile of the vaper. Before choosing your electronic cigarette, find out about the technical characteristics (power, autonomy, etc.), its mode of inhalation (direct or indirect) and what type of smoker it is intended for. Because it is also a criterion to be taken into account. Depending on the number of cigarettes smoked, some vapers will be more recommended than others.