Today we will introduce you to the creation of the company Kilo, top Juul alternative. As you must know, this company is based in the USA and is engaged in the production of liquids for electronic cigarettes. By the way, they are quite popular and are in certain demand in the west. So they decided to file their own pod system in the form of a small AIO kit. This is understandable – it is profitable for a liquid manufacturer to sell a device with cartridges pre-charged with its own liquid. And the client was saved, and the manure was sold, and all parties are satisfied by finding this top Juul alternative.

Dimensions of this top Juul alternative are not known for certain, but this is not so important. After all, about the entire similar segment is almost no different in size, we repeat – almost. The form factor is a vape stick of a flattened profile, of which there are a lot of now. Probably only a lazy manufacturer did not file his own AIO.
Kilo may have been striving for originality in design; externally, the battery resembles Juul as a top Juul alternative. But the case is slightly modified: sharp edges are cut at an angle, forming an octagon at the base. It did not have a negative effect on convenience: it is held comfortably, there are no sharp edges, the shape is ergonomic.
The color of the battery may be white, black, red, blue or pink. The power is activated by a puff, it does not have additional buttons. Simplicity and convenience, elevated to the absolute.
This top Juul alternative provides protection against excessive or insufficient battery charge, going beyond the supported resistance range, possible short circuit, overheating.

Advantages of this top Juul alternative are: small dimensions, ease of use, little weight, convenient format, the presence of an indicator of work and charge, disposable cartridge average in capacity, small capacity internal battery.