Homemade or DIY e-liquids are the fashion of the moment! Thanks to this DIY trick, it has become possible to vape cheaper. If you don’t buy your electronic liquids, it’s better to simply make them yourself.

The benefits of opting for DIY e-liquids

Quick, easy, efficient and very economical, making DIY e-liquid is quite simple to make, and allows you to save money, there is a possibility to customize the flavours according to your needs. It is possible for you to proportion the accentuation of the flavour and to choose with accuracy your percentage of nicotine via the boosters. Ex-smokers who are about to quit smoking will then have the opportunity to progress slowly in this way and reduce the amount of nicotine in the electronic cigarette while checking the proportion of VG and PG. Professionals will thus be able to define the range of hit and steam desired. No stress, you can design your e-liquid according to the dose you need.

It is indeed very simple to personalize e-liquid: know that if the percentage of nicotine and the intensity of the flavours are adaptable, it is possible to mix and renew different flavours! The use of supplements allows you to transform tastes and give them another aspect, to make them tastier in your way. It’s up to you! Discover new flavours by making new recipes with personalized e-liquids.

Another advantage to considering DIY e-liquid is the fact that they are very economical. The vials to design your custom electronic liquids reach 600 ml. There is enough to satisfy the desires of the biggest vape consumers! Know that there are bases without aromas and nicotine, boosters, flavours and concentrates, all this is a lot of useful accessories for the preparation of your electronic liquid, while having fun, because let’s be frank, making e -DIY liquid is a real breeze if you have the necessary utensils for it.

Personalized e-liquid recipe: everything is possible

It should be noted that designing an e-liquid is quite easy and simple to achieve.

To do this, you would need gloves, a syringe, protective glasses, a pipette, a vial with graduations, a PG/VG base without nicotine, and some nicotine boosters of about 20 mg/ml.

It is better to have a range of various products for a better choice on the bases and flavours.

First, for the preparation of your e-liquid, you will need to land in a place with ventilation. Put your utensils and your DIY products on a flat surface out of reach of the heat. Bring your necessary utensils, that is to say, glasses and gloves since it should be noted that nicotine is a very harmful product. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself from the possible risks of contact with nicotine.

In the second step for the realization of e-liquid, you will use the empty bottle, mentioned above, and add a few drops of concentrated aromas. It should be noted that the more aromas there are, the more powerful their effectiveness will be.

In the third step, you will need to add a nicotine booster to have the desired percentage of nicotine.

For the next step, it will be necessary to add the PG / VG base without nicotine, it is important to specify that its PG / VG level must be similar to the nicotine booster.

The next step is maturation or steep. It is to know that the steep varies according to the mixture of the electronic liquid designed, and your tastes. Maturation is useful and necessary so that your DIY e-liquid is well developed. Here is an evaluation of the maturation times of DIY e-liquids according to the flavour categories:

  • For fruity DIY e-liquid in simple flavour: the maturation time varies between 0 to 5 days
  • For fruity DIY e-liquid with various flavours: the stepp will be 3 to 7 days
  • For DIY e-liquid with mint, vanilla, anise, and coffee: the steep time will be 7 to 15 days
  • For gourmet DIY e-liquid, the maturation period will vary between 15 to 20 days
  • For DIY e-liquid with tobacco flavour, the steep will be 15 days maximum. 

It should be noted that the flavours spread entirely, it is necessary to stir the bottle that contains your e-liquid preparation every day.

In the last step, enjoy your DIY e-liquid! Indeed, vaping your homemade work should make you proud! Now that your electronic liquid or e-liquid is finished, all you have to do is enjoy it by putting it in your electronic cigarette and trying innovative combinations and mixtures with the appropriate accessories.

It should be noted that you can store your e-liquid, but for how long?

If you don’t want to run out of liquid, long-term storage is appropriate. If in 2017, a tobacco rule made you tremble during the transition to the new TPD, know that this is no longer relevant. The products remain easily available, and even more so for the big brands. We can then say that the DIY may need more storage to reduce the price of the design. It is therefore essential to be attentive and logical, in order to be able to preserve your mixtures without worry until they are consumed. Handling remains one of the risks you may encounter. Indeed, cleaned flasks or nickel containers, well-closed caps, and a dry utensil during use, will relieve you of any worries.