E-Liquid Components and Safety

Many people stick to e-smoking because they believe that e-cigarettes could be safer than classic cigarettes. Though, some of the information available seems to prove that e-cigarettes actually could be safer, it’s not an evident thing.

One of the reasons is the great variety of flavors used in e-liquids and the fact that few of those flavors have been checked for safety when inhaled inside.
For instance, it was found not a long time ago that some e-liquids included diacetyl. Diacetyl is adopted as a safe substance to be utilized — it’s the substance that permits low-fat microwave popcorn to taste buttery.

However, when inhaled in large quantities it can cause permanent lung damage. Most e-liquid makers have entertained steps to make sure their products contain no diacetyl, but it serves as an example of why you should always get as much information as possible about your e-liquid composition.

Additionally, some e-liquids contain extracts of pure tobacco. You may encounter the term “tobacco absolute” used together with these types of e-liquids. Tobacco absolute is a real, thick extract that tastes bitter and ashy. It can add some spice to the composition and depth of an e-liquid. It is not investigated whether the use of a real tobacco extract makes an e-liquid more risky to use.