Electronic cigarette - a worthy alternative of tobacco smoking

Electronic Cigarette is not only a great alternative to traditional cigarettes, but also the opportunity (if you wish, of course) to get rid of a bad habit, or significantly reduce the use of nicotine, and there is the proof.

By the end of the 6-month clinical study conducted by Italian physicians, which involved 40 smokers who to this period switched on the electronic cigarette:
22.5% smokers – stopped to smoke cigarettes (one third of them – stopped to smoke electronic cigarettes too);
32.5% smokers – reduced the number of cigarettes smoked by 4 times;
12.5% smokers ​​- began to smoke 10 times less.
However were observed some side effects (ex. dryness in a mouth), but to the end of the study almost all side effects disappeared completely. In general, the cigarette consumption by this group decreased by 88%.

The use of electronic cigarettes instead of traditional tobacco cigarettes significantly reduced the consumption of the tobacco cigarettes among smokers who did not plan to give up smoking. Thus practically no side effects were observed.

Of course, one can cite as an example of tobacco substitute many other options for example: patches, gum, candies, inhalers, herbal cigarettes. They, too, are positioned as less harmful substitutes of tobacco cigarettes. Based on this, the question arises: why electronic cigarette is better?

The main reason – psychological dependence. Many people do not quit smoking because they love the process of smoking: thus, they are diverted from everyday affairs and cares, can dip into their own thoughts. Using patches, candies, chewing gums, inhalers, the smoker can’t simulate the process of smoking, but the electronic cigarette allows you to do what every smoker needs: light a cigarette and puff a smoke.