The electronic cigarette is a very beneficial tool for those who wish to quit smoking. Today there are several models of vaping, each one consists of a set of parts. Among the mandatory parts is the wick also called resistance.

This is responsible for the evaporation of the e-liquid by heating it to high temperatures. Each bit has a set life that can be extended by certain factors.

So how long does an e-cigarette wick last?

How long does an e-cigarette wick last?

First of all, it should be noted that the resistance is a consumable part, which means that it has a limited lifespan.

However, this lifespan is not fixed and can vary depending on several parameters.

Indeed, the wick of a cigarette can last from only one week to three weeks at most.

First, the factor that has the greatest influence on the longevity of a bit is the frequency of use. The resistance of an e-cigarette used several times a day will last much less than that of a vape used occasionally.

The design and quality of the manufacturing materials also have a very big impact on the life of the resistance, because the higher the price, the longer the life will be.

The third parameter is the quality and type of e-liquid used.

Indeed, the PG/VG ratio is a very important concept, because the higher the VG rate in the liquid, the faster the wick clogging phenomenon.

In addition, the sugar level also contributes to the fouling of the resistance. This means flavoured e-liquids that are high in sugar consume your wick much faster than other flavours.

The ohmic value of the resistance is also to be taken into consideration because it determines the power necessary to heat the coil.

That is to say, the greater the power, the more the wick will undergo temperature variations which will harm its lifespan.

When should the wick of an electronic cigarette be changed?

To optimize the performance of your electronic cigarette, you must make sure to change its resistance as soon as it is no longer functional. Although it is not visible, several indicators can tell you about the state of your resistance and its lifespan.

To help you maintain your vape, here is a list of elements that indicate that the wick of your e-cigarette no longer works very well:

A taste of burnt vaping;

Less and less dense vapour;

A decrease in the sensation of the aromas and perfume of your e-liquid;

A darker than usual colour of the e-liquid;

Loud and unusual noise when lighting the electronic cigarette;

Fluid leaks from the air inlets.

You can also do a visual inspection of your wick to make sure of its condition. If the yarn is blackened and the cotton is a dark grey colour, you need to insert a new wick.

To answer the question asked at the beginning, you must change the wick of your e-cigarette every 15 days on average for daily use.

How to extend the life of an e-cigarette wick?

To optimize the performance of your vape, you must ensure that the wick is in perfect condition. Thus, to prolong the life of the wick of your e-cigarette, you must clean it regularly and effectively.

To do this, you must extract the wick and clean it with water using a brush. Without forgetting to eliminate the drops of water by burning the resistance dry.

It is also very important to clean the atomizer because it is in direct contact with the resistance.

Applying regular cleaning to all parts of your device allows you to optimize its performance and improves your experience.

In summary, an electronic cigarette wick lasts between one and three weeks depending on several factors. You have to take into account the different indicators mentioned above to know when to change the wick of your vape.