The resistance of the electronic cigarette is one of the elements of the e-cig that must be changed regularly. To put it simply, the resistance is the steam plant of your electronic cigarette: it produces vaporization by heating. Changing an e-cigarette coil is a very simple manoeuvre to perform, the mastery of which is essential for vapers. When you vape regularly, it is very important to know how to replace the resistance of the e-cigarette when it no longer works correctly. Note that the change of resistance for electronic cigarettes is only possible on removable models.

How do you know if you need to change your resistance to the electronic cigarette?

Changing the taste of your e-liquid is the first thing to get you started. If it’s more pungent or has a burnt aftertaste, if your vapour volume decreases, if you’re leaking e-liquid, or if you no longer hear your coil crackle when you press the release button, shot, you have no doubt detected the end of your resistor’s life.

To detect the end of life of your resistance, it’s very simple: if you feel a significant change in the flavour of your e-liquid or if you have an unpleasant burnt taste when inhaling your vapour, if your volume of vapour decreases, if you have e-liquid leaks or if you no longer hear your e-cigarette coil crackling when you press the fire button. It’s time to change your coil for the electronic cigarette.

Once you have determined that the change is necessary, you will have to choose the resistance for the electronic cigarette according to its model. Coils are not interchangeable and you must ensure that the coil you purchase is compatible with your model. Contact a specialized store for the best advice.

Resistance e-cigarette: How to change it easily?

Next, you will identify which side you need to change your resistance to. Some models require removing the top cover, others require unscrewing the ring at the bottom of the tank. When you have access to the part, unscrew it and replace it with the new one. Be careful to align the thread well to be able to screw the new resistor all the way and straight. If you can’t screw the resistance all the way in, remove it and check that nothing is blocking the thread and start again. You tighten well but not too much: remember that you will have to unscrew it when you replace it! Then put the top cover or clamping ring back in place.

Before using your e-cigarette coil for the first time, we advise you to prime it by soaking it in e-liquid. If you vape without priming it, you are heating it against dry cotton, which will “burn” it and cause a bad taste later on. In addition, starting the resistance for the electronic cigarette requires filling the liquid tank, closing the tank, and closing the air inlets. Without lighting your cigarette, you must inhale through the mouthpiece at least 5 or 6 times as if you were pulling on it. This has the effect of pumping liquid into your resistance. Otherwise, you can put a few drops of e-liquid directly inside the e-cigarette coil. First, make sure that it is possible to apply the liquid directly against cotton.

 Optimizing resistance for the electronic cigarette

Finally, the life expectancy of the resistance to the electronic cigarette is difficult to estimate. Indeed, it depends essentially on your frequency of use. On average, and without any guarantee, it can be estimated at around 30 ml of e-liquid consumed, i.e. 15 to 30 days of vaping. The less you inhale, the more you preserve your resistance. But if you are using high VG fluids which are more oily and viscous, you will need to change it more often as it will “foul up” more quickly. Our last bit of advice is this: if you want to increase the lifespan of your e-cigarette coil, thoroughly clean your e-cig before each new filling.