A large multinational corporation allocated 1 billion US dollars to join the premium e-juice sale “to eliminate smoking around the world”, so the news was sounded that Phillip Morris International Company (PMI) provided funding to the World without Smoke (FSFW). Tobacco does not get burnt, but gets heated up in new cigarettes for e-liquid brands, which require a special device called Iqos for vaping. According to Philip Morris vaper will receive the same amount of e-liquid nicotine, but 90% less harmful toxins that are contained in cigarette smoke.

In addition, according to tests conducted by the company, which have not yet been confirmed by independent research, for the health of smokers, new cigarettes will be tantamount to quitting smoking. However, Philip Morris does not seek to advertise this data and the upcoming e-juice flavor concentrate wholesale, stating only that the new cigarettes do not seem to be dangerous for your health.

The company will invest about eighty millions annually during the next 12 years. The message was made at the world forum where representatives of e-juice wholesale suppliers were present as well.

As stated by the company release, the idea is to help smokers get rid of their addiction and secure their health. This is not the first attempt of tobacco entertainments to produce the so-called safe cigarettes, which will not negatively affect the health of those who use.

Still in 1980s, R.J. Reynolds made such attempts by presenting a new product, in which the stuff was heated by using a similar combustion process.

But we think that vapers will find their own good brand of e-cigarettes and prefer to stay loyal to vaping as it represents so much for them.

Everyone can estimate the best choice of cheap premium vape juice for himself or herself. The products of PMI will surely become a great thing for each of vapers.