For reasons of health, economy or simply for a desire to experience a whole new sensation, do you want to start e-cigarettes? Less harmful to health and less expensive, this option introduces you to a new experience. Whether you are a heavy smoker or not, you surely like to try the e-cig. But, the latter has a cost, but rest assured, it is less important than the classic cigarette. A brief overview of the budget for an electronic cigarette.

Buying an electronic cigarette: how much should you have?

Turning to e-cig is not just an alternative to quitting smoking and preserving your health. This option will also be good for your wallet. You will make great savings because a single investment is enough for you for several days. The purchase of vaping equipment is essential. The price of this equipment depends, in fact, on the model of your choice, in particular on its design and sophistication. 

This price varies depending on the size chosen, the tank capacity, the design and the power of the equipment of your choice. In most cases, your kit already contains 2 clearomizers, or even more depending on the brand. Be aware that this accessory must be replaced every month.

E-liquid: another investment to think about

In addition to the vaping material, the budget for an electronic cigarette also includes the purchase of e-liquid. This varies depending on your drinking habit and preference. Several flavours are available to you for optimal vaping pleasure. Menthol, tobacco, caramel, fruit or gourmet taste… each vaper has its flavour. Do not hesitate to vary the flavours to enjoy a unique experience. Why not start with a tobacco e-liquid to maintain your habits? Over time, you will be able to taste other gourmet, exotic or surprising flavours. 

In total, how much is the e-cigarette?

Getting started with e-cigarettes is therefore the choice of economy and varied pleasure. In total, you will need to plan at the beginning a  budget for an electronic cigarette of around 70 euros. This price includes the purchase of vaping equipment and e-liquid. A 10 ml bottle of e-liquid lasts on average between 2 and 4 days. It depends on your daily consumption and your vaping habit. Compared to the classic cigarette, it is much cheaper. A carton of cigarettes can cost you up to 90 euros for only 1 to 2 days.