Philip Morris invested much in HeatSticks because they assume that this way they have a chance to create a more acceptable form of smoking (and therefore one that is more future-proof).

We will not make any further statements about the chances of success – of course the manufacturer is wildly enthusiastic.

The iQos would emit 90-95% fewer substances than a traditional cigarette. At least, less tar seems to be released, and the smoke smells much less like normal cigarette smoke.

The smell attracts does not penetrate into clothing and curtains, the seller claims.

The fact is that fewer substances are released than when tobacco is burned, it is a nice bonus.

The seller specified that it had gone from 1.5 packs a day to 20 HeatSticks. We can imagine that weird habitual smokers skip a few butts per day because there is a mandatory waiting time between two butts (so instead of two butts from metro to office it becomes only 1).

It could also be that the extra actions that are required compared to a normal cigarette make the smoker a little more aware of how often a cigarette is puffed.

The HeatSticks consist of three main components: the holder, the charger and the stick itself or a heat stick. The holder is available in different colors. If you store the device and accessories separately in your jacket pocket, trouser pocket or handbag, you run the risk of damage. That is why you will find various accessories to protect your IQOS in our online store. The range includes bags in various sizes and colors, in which the device and the hot can fit, such as a handbag or wristlet, but also a special belt. This way you have all the necessities together at home and on the road. A special cleaner is also available for maintenance.

For detailed info, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support and sales team. We will be happy to issue our best offers and share our advice with you. You will be our colleagues as we also regularly consume these IQOS HeatSticks.