As a vaper, battery life is key. If you’re in a place where you can charge your e-cigarette throughout the day, like the office, then you should be fine. But, what about when you go out for the night, or even more than 24 hours camping?

Will your full battery be able to keep up with you all this time? Otherwise, how to recharge your vape outdoors? Still, there’s a good chance that you don’t want to carry a portable USB charger in addition to your vape and your bottle of liquid… Between e-cigarettes and standard electronic cigarettes, discover everything essential to know about the lifespan of the batteries offered by the market.

What are the lifespan of electronic cigarettes and e-cigarette batteries?

The battery life of your electronic cigarette or e-cigarette depends on several factors. The type of battery you have, the size and ability to use your batteries in your device, and of course the frequency of use.

Depending on the manufacturer of the device, you will find different qualities that affect battery life. As a rough guide, most 900mAh batteries will get you around 800 puffs, or 8-10 hours before needing to recharge. If you opt for a 650mAh battery, you’ll get half that battery life with around 400 puffs, or 6-8 hours. An extra-large 1100mAh+ battery, meanwhile, can last you around 12 hours, for a puff count of around 1000.

Of course, these numbers vary by the battery manufacturer, but they’re pretty useful as a rough guide.

How can I make my vape battery last longer?

One way to get the most out of your electronic cigarette or e-cigarette battery is to use your rechargeable or long-life batteries if you can.

So even if you’re at a festival or on the go without charging points, you can still have a backup battery in your vape kit. However, not all vape kits allow this. It is preferable to choose a model with an external 18650 battery. Also note that if you carry batteries in your pocket, it is highly advisable to bring an electronic cigarette battery case.

You can make your electronic cigarette or e-cigarette battery last longer if you make sure you have it turned off when not in use. 

If you use a traditional e-cigarette that works with cartridges, you won’t be able to turn it off. If you’re using a vaping device, you’ll be able to click the power button 5 times to turn it off, or if your model has a display or some other way to indicate battery life, you’ll be able to can use it to extend your battery life.

In the same vein, try to avoid recharging it if it is charged more than 50%.

Another way to preserve your battery is to make sure you store your device and battery in a cool place.

Avoid leaving them in the car, on a window sill or in a hot place.

The lifespan of an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette battery: additional advice 

  • Avoid chain-smoking and smoking only when you feel like it.
  • Recharge the battery when it is below 50%.
  • Turn off your device when not in use.