How the Envy NirVana functions

If you’ve ever observed an e-cigarette during the smoking process, you probably know that most of them are longer and thicker than traditional cigarettes. However, the reality of battery technology is that battery life corresponds roughly to size.

So, as a result, you prefer e-cigarettes such as the V2 Cig which can have batteries as long as 140 mm in order to prolong life and help the e-smoker stop charging his or her battery as many times as possible a day.

You can come to a conclusion that the Envy NirVana is a good compromise between size and battery life. Although it’s the same length and thickness as the cigarette you’re smoking now, it actually has twice the capacity of other batteries with the same size — 180 mAh.

For instance, the Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarette has a capacity of 90 mAh and is the same size as the Envy NirVana battery. The longest V2 Cig battery has a capacity of 380 mAh and is quite larger.

The Envy NirVana is characterized by a two-part e-cigarette design, which means simplicity for new e-smokers to get used to. After you open the package, you’ll simply need to connect the battery to the charger and wait for the charge light to turn off, and then connect a cartridge to the battery and puff just as you would with a traditional cigarette. It’s not difficult to follow. You’ll know when there has come time to recharge the battery because the light on the end will begin to blink.