The clearomiser is a vape material that is inseparable from your electronic cigarette. This will determine the success of your vaping session and provide you with a rendering of flavours and a diffusion of vapour that meets your needs. Faced with the diversity of models available on the market, the choice of clearomizer requires some questions and clarifications, to find the model that suits you. So, how do choose the right clearomiser? Let’s do a check-in.

What is a clearomizer?

A clearomizer (or clearo) is a tank commonly used on electronic cigarettes: its role is to contain e-liquids. This clearomiser uses resistors (compatible with this one) which heat the e-liquid. By associating your clearomiser with a battery, you create de facto an electronic cigarette.

The clearomiser is to be dissociated from the cartridge, which is its counterpart concerning the pods (a specific type of electronic cigarette). In general, clearomizers are compatible with all batteries, this is not necessarily the case for cartridges.

How does the clearomizer work?

Your clearomiser once filled with e-liquid within its tank (commonly in pyrex ) sees its e-liquid soaking the cotton. The battery then heats the resistive wire and the e-liquid present in the cotton and thus causes the vaporization of the liquid: the vape takes shape and releases from the mouthpiece of your clearomizer its batch of fragrant clouds.

What parts is my clearomiser made of?

The clearomizer is a composite vape material, made up of several parts, the main stars of which are: 

  • The drip-tip: a mouthpiece from which you aspire to inhale. The width of the edges of this can condition the flavour felt in the mouth;
  • The top-cap: an upper part of the clearomiser from which the drip-tip is fixed. Some tanks require the top cap to be removed while filling;
  • The tank: a sealed part often made of pyrex (a type of glass resistant to intense heating), allowing the e-liquid to be contained. The silhouette of the tank can be rectilinear (we speak of a straight tank) or on the contrary in a curved shape (we then speak of a bulbar tank or “bulb”);
  • The resistor (or “ coil ”): Designed from a wick of resistive silica or cotton wire, the resistor absorbs the heating driven by the battery, allowing the vaporization of the e-liquid. The lower the resistance value (in ohms ), the higher the heating temperature (and vice versa). The resistance is a part to be changed frequently, at the first signs of wear.
  • The base: The part allows the connection of the clearomiser to its battery. Most bases have one (or more) air outlet(s) that can be closed or opened using a knob: the airflow ring.

The type of inhalation sought

This is arguably the most important criteria regarding the actual vaping experience you are looking for. The type of inhalation desired will profoundly affect your choice, depending on whether you prefer:

Vape in direct inhalation

This is a type of inhalation where the inhaled vapour immediately passes from the mouth to the lungs. Direct inhalation favours an abundant diffusion of wisps of vapour.

Purchase recommendations

→ Prefer powerful vaping equipment: the purchase of “sub-ohm” clearomizers, compatible with e-liquids with a high rate of vegetable glycerin (high VG), is ideal for this type of vape.

→ Choose a clearomizer capable of receiving fairly low resistances (less than 0.6 ohms) to complete the experience.

→ These clearomizers are designed for a powerful vape (over 30W in general)

Vape in indirect inhalation

This type of inhalation is characteristic of classic cigarette smokers. Indirect inhalation favours an excellent rendering of the flavour as well as the throat-hit effect (this small contraction in the throat).

Purchase recommendations

→ Opt for clearomizers that are sufficiently waterproof and able to receive e-liquids containing a lot of propylene glycol (high PG), this very fluid compound of the base.

→ Privilege the purchase of a clearomizer capable of hosting high resistances (greater than 0.6 ohms).

→ These clearomizers are designed for a weak vape (less than 30W in general)

The e-liquid capacity of the clearomiser

The storage capacity of a clearomizer (expressed in ml) is also an important factor to take into account for your next purchase. Ranging from 1 to many more, this maximum-capacity of e-liquid can bring you a considerable gain in comfort.

So, if you have a precise idea of ​​a favourite e-liquid that you want to vape for hours, you can choose a tank with a maximum capacity exceeding 4 or even 5 ml. The time saved when filling your tank may seem superfluous at first glance, but it is nevertheless real over the long term.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to test a wider variety of e-liquids, buying a clearomizer with a smaller tank can have its advantages.

If you vape in sub-ohm (high power), the e-liquid will be consumed much faster, which is why a high-capacity tank is necessary for this type of vape.

Rebuildable atomizers: what are the advantages?

The use of reconstructable atomizers guarantees many advantages, and constitutes in itself an exhilarating experience for anyone curious about the vape:

  • Make savings on the price of resistors, by designing your coils yourself from raw materials (less expensive, therefore);
  • Discover new sensations of vaping by configuring your equipment as much as possible;
  • Maintain your reconstructable atomizer well to make it last longer than a classic clearomizer;
  • Become an expert in the vape thanks to the realization of the different assemblies of coils. The practice of rebuildable will necessarily help you to better understand the different mechanics of your equipment.