Hey, vapers and even smokers who want to slightly change the life. We are coming to you with the proposals and advice on how to get 5 Juul pods in the UK.

All Juul users are our friends because we are juulers as well. Juuling is a new culture that has recently appeared to amaze those who vape and smoke.

The major difference between Juuls and other vaping products is a fixed concentration of nicotine ingredients that does not exceed five per cent.

This is also a liquid supplied in prefilled capacities or pods how they are usually named. But there is a difference from the other vapes that is specified by nicotine inclusions in rated volumes.

That is pretty important. Other vape manufacturers focus on the creation of amazing scents. That is a very good tactics, but not for all consumers.

Numerous consumers are smokers and ex-smokers who do not wish to lose their habit only because of aromatic substances included into the liquid stuff. They would rather smoke usual cigarettes.

The manufacturers of Juul products have got the meaning of nicotine ingredients and fixed the nicotine rate. It is attractive and useful for both smokers and ex-smokers, for whom the nicotine stuff is more valuable than aromas.

Juul gained popularity in different countries and we have a goal to tell you how to get 5 Juul pods in the UK without being cheated.

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