The electronic cigarette is a victim of its success. Fakes are flooding the market. The absence of a law in this area does nothing to improve the situation. These imitations then mislead vapers, but can also represent a danger to their health. How can you be sure to buy good quality equipment?

Spot a fake e-cigarette

Fake e-cigarettes are on the rise. They are mostly manufactured in the Chinese city of Shenzhen where the biggest brands of e-cigarettes are produced. Sometimes, models even come out of the workshops of these renowned manufacturers, hence the difficulty of differentiating an authentic product from another that is not. While some devices do not have a logo or other means of brand identification, others may perfectly mimic a model from a recognized manufacturer. Only a few details like lower quality packaging and different typography make the difference.

The main point to take into account to ensure the authenticity of an electric cigarette is then its price. Although we are always on the lookout for bargains, we must be vigilant. Often, counterfeits have very attractive prices, well below the one usually applied. To be sure to buy a quality electronic cigarette, you must contact a reputable retailer. The smallest structures are indeed not always equipped to detect these imitations, which also flow better online.

The authenticity code guarantees a quality e-cigarette

The authenticity code also makes it possible to distinguish an authentic electronic cigarette from a fake one. To reassure vapers and build loyalty, more and more manufacturers have opted for this alternative to guarantee the authenticity of each of their electronic cigarettes. This code is even assigned to consumables such as coils. It is visible on the product packaging. Introduced in a specific field of the manufacturer’s website, it makes it possible to check whether the device is authentic or not. On this point, counterfeiters are not lagging. Even on counterfeit products, it is possible to find an authenticity code, which is either not recognized by the manufacturer’s website or has already been used several times.

E-cigarettes and fake consumables, beware of danger!

Like the majority of counterfeits, brand-name e-cigarette knockoffs are often inferior in quality. The biggest risk is counterfeit device batteries. They can explode and cause serious injury to the user. In the United States, the explosion of an electronic cigarette even caused the death of a vaper. Poor quality batteries can also start fires. The other concern with imitations is that they are not traceable. And if a problem arises, the vaper has no recourse.

An authentic electronic cigarette adapted to your needs

Ensuring the authenticity of an electronic cigarette is one thing, finding a model that fully meets its requirements is another. To do this, you must first determine if you plan to vape occasionally – in which case a disposable model may be perfectly suitable, or if you want to vape full time – a rechargeable and the efficient e-cigarette is then more indicated. For long-term vaping, it will then be necessary to plan a larger investment. Fortunately, in terms of electronic cigarettes, there is something for all budgets, even for models offered by well-known brands.

The choice of e-liquid is also important. If you are a former smoker and you are new to vaping, it is strongly recommended to try classic aromas, that is to say, those reproducing the flavour of a traditional cigarette. To test a flavour other than the taste of tobacco, it is better to first turn to monoflavor e-liquids, the more complex gourmet flavours can indeed be disgusting. To avoid the feeling of lack, a juice with a nicotine level able to meet your need is to be preferred. As with electronic cigarettes, you have to be careful with the retailer, because e-liquids are also subject to counterfeiting. And here again, the danger persists, because their composition is not safe. Studies have shown e-liquids that are supposed to contain no nicotine, but which do contain it.