The vast majority of vapers start vaping with pre-made and nicotine e-liquids in 10ml. The latter has the advantage of being able to be consumed quickly and without having to do the slightest manipulation. But the desire to discover new flavours or design their recipes is pushing some consumers to turn to DIY. Behind this, rather mysterious abbreviation hides the name “Do It Yourself”, which means purely and simply: do it yourself! By making his mixtures, the vaper finds many advantages. The cost per millilitre is reduced and the combinations have no limits, except that of your imagination! Let’s admit that the pride of making your e-liquid for e-cigarettes also comes into play!


To get into DIY, you don’t need to have a doctorate in chemistry. Patience and desire are the only prerequisites. For your creations to be worthy of the greatest flavourists, however, you will need a  few accessories and of course raw materials. As for accessories, the purchase of a graduated flask and a syringe is highly recommended. Thanks to these utensils, it will be easier for you to precisely measure your ingredients. For safety, we also invite you to equip yourself with gloves so that your skin does not come into contact with the nicotine, contained in the boosters, which you can add to your DIY preparations. Prevention is better than cure!


Once you have this equipment in your possession, you will need to consider what will make up your DIY preparation. A true pillar of your recipe, the  DIY e-liquid base is composed of propylene glycol (which will have the power to thin the mixture and reinforce the hit in the throat) and vegetable glycerin (which thickens the base and produces a dense vapour). The PG/VG ratio can vary which will directly impact your vape! Users of reconstructable atomizers prefer a high Vegetable Glycerin rate. Owners of clearomizers will tend to opt for a base heavily dosed in Propylene Glycol! 

On our site, you will have the choice between classic bases, offered by our best manufacturers, and bases without steep, which, as their name suggests, considerably reduce the waiting time between preparation and tasting. 


The base does not contain nicotine, at least if your bottle exceeds 10 ml. Vapers wishing to obtain a nicotine mixture will then have to acquire nicotine boosters. These 10ml vials are generally dosed with 20mg of nicotine and also contain propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.


You have the base, the boosters, and now comes the most fun:  the concentrated aromas! These are the ones that will give the flavour to your recipe. Most generally to be dosed between 10 and 15%, mono-aroma or concentrates: the choice is yours. You can of course combine the flavours and let your imagination run wild. The only criterion here is to have fun. Let yourself be tempted by classic, gourmet, fruity and even minty flavours for magical tastings… The most meticulous or the most demanding will add additives to their mixture. In no case is necessary, these allow to refine the mixture. Some will give a sweet taste, others will offer a feeling of freshness and some additives will even give a smoky side to your preparation. As you can see, the possibilities are endless!


Congratulations, you have completed your first mix! But the hardest part remains to be done… wait! Indeed, so that the aromas can fully express themselves, it is essential to let your preparation “steeper”, that is to say, rest. This maturation time, described with precision in our dedicated guide, will vary according to the flavours used.

The DIY for electronic cigarettes is not rocket science. Creating your e-liquid allows you to reduce costs and develop your recipes. Accessible to all, Do It Yourself becomes child’s play provided you follow a few basic safety rules, particularly concerning nicotine. We also recommend that you follow the dosages provided by the manufacturers.