What does: steeper an e-liquid mean?

Steeping an electronic cigarette e-liquid is very simple, it’s the same principle as the maturation of good alcohols such as wine or whisky, thus allowing the aromas and all the flavours to express themselves through time in your e-liquid. In summary, steeping a vape e-liquid quickly means accelerating the maturation of an e-liquid.

The steep  E-liquid is also the time during which the aromas and the base mix and unify. In addition, if your vape e-liquid contains nicotine, you will be able to observe a change in colour thanks to the oxidation of this one. The steep e-liquid is also highly recommended for DIY e-liquids.

To steep an e-liquid well

How to steep an e-liquid? First, it’s not just homemade liquids, otherwise known as DIY, that require steeping time. Some electronic cigarette liquids, particularly gourmet or tobacco e-liquids, may require a long steeping time to best reveal their most delicious flavours. E-liquids containing only fruity flavours are very quick to steeper, a short day away from light is already sufficient for all these liquids. 

The duration and quality of the steep also depend on the PH of the e-liquid. Testing the PH of your DIY e-liquid can allow you to correct it using additives to speed up its steeping and stability afterwards.

Several methods for steeping or stepping an e-liquid are used in the world of vaping. The most common is to simply let the freshly prepared liquid sit in a dry, cool, and dark place.

  • Steep E-liquid fruity or fresh: 24h to 48H
  • Steep Gourmet E-liquid: 1 to 2 weeks
  • Steep E-liquid tobacco: 2 to 4 weeks

You must therefore tell yourself that the waiting time can therefore be very long for most of them! And here comes all the imagination of DIY vapers. Using methods all crazier than each other.

The first of these are so-called “breathing”.

This method consists precisely in letting your e-liquid breathe by letting it rest with the cap open so that the liquid is in contact with the air.

 Often risky method because of the risk of altering the flavours of your e-liquid. It is strongly recommended not to leave a bottle open for more than an hour, in which case you risk being disappointed.

Breathing is a risky method of course, but allowing you to save steep time.

However, the loss of flavours from breathing too long can be useful. Indeed, a vaping liquid that is too strong for your taste or too much flavoured will tend to soften. Practice!

A second method, often requiring equipment, requires a little more involvement.

This method consists of shaking or vibrating your e-liquid to make it steeper more quickly. This method saves time, 1 hour in a tank is equivalent to 1 week steep! 

A safer and less risky method than breathing. Molecules of aromas, glycerin, propylene and nicotine stir and homogenize.

To use this technique, you will either need an ultrasonic bath or borrow an arm from the Hulk.

Very simple method, with an ultrasonic tank, you will have to leave your e-liquid there for 1 hour. And do not imagine shaking your bottle like a brute for hours, you can however vigorously shake your vial every day to homogenize your electronic cigarette liquid.

A third and final method is to heat your e-liquid.

But take it easy! Do not heat your oven to 280°C! Several techniques are available to you. Microwave, hot water, rice or your body heat.

  • First with the microwave. Needless to remind you that a microwave is devilishly efficient to heat strongly and quickly. So 10 seconds per vial is enough! Beware of the risk of distorting the flavours of your e-liquid with the use of the microwave. It is strongly recommended to use glass bottles and not plastic.
  • For hot water now. We did say hot, not hot and even less boiling! Take a container to place your hot water, then place your vial there. Softer and more natural than the microwave method, you will take fewer risks with this technique. Remember to put tape on your labels, this method can take them off, this will prevent you from vaping the unknown soldier.
  • Now let’s move on to the rice. Rice !? Take enough rice to bury your flasks in. Put only the rice in the microwave and let it heat up. When you feel the rice is hot enough you can insert your flasks into it. Let everything rest quietly.
  • Finally, body heat. The simplest of all heating techniques. Take a bottle or two of your steeper mixture and leave them in one of your trouser pockets, or even in your bra for those who don’t have pockets. Combining the jolts of your footsteps and the heat of your body, your vaping liquid can be steeper without the risk of altering the flavours.

These simple and effective heating methods can save a week of steep quite easily! 

In the end, what can we advise you to accelerate the maturation of a DIY e-liquid?

Well, we can offer you the safest method of all for your e-liquid. Steeper and e-liquid with the natural rest. Great flavour enhancer and very simple. You can of course link this method to that vibrations/shakes. You can therefore pass your liquid through the ultrasonic tank every day or shake it by hand.

 With that guide, you can steep well!