At long last, new tastes have showed up in the line of sticks for IQOS and as long as they are not sold in retail locations all over the place, they can be purchased on online shops.

Only two new flavors, to be specific IQOS HEETS GREEN ZING and IQOS HEETS Bronze Label. Presently we are composing an audit about the last mentioned, in light of the fact that we picked it for a test.

The flavor of IQOS HEETS Bronze Label is the flavor of chocolate, or all the more decisively, cocoa. This taste is slight, however we felt it immediately.

The stick itself is additionally the same as the others, with the exception of, obviously, the shades of the customary three stripes on the channel of the stick itself. Heets Bronze Label has a dark colored shading.

The channel itself is like the channel of a normal cigarette, yet in the center there is a cellulose embed that solidifies in the wake of smoking.

As we have stated, these IQOS HEETS Bronze Label sticks are not accessible in disconnected shops, yet you can generally arrange them in online shops.

A few people fear requesting on the web and we have to offer some guidance to them.

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