The development of digital technologies has led to the fact that a rational attitude of a person towards the time has become a leading trend that determines how consumers behave.

It is as well as the demand for alternatives to conventional cigarettes, which replace smart products such as IQOS Heets Menthol sticks.

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The fashion for “new rationality”, of course, leaves its mark on online trading. Shopping is no longer perceived as entertainment, but as a routine stealing precious time. That is why the consumer is trying by all means to delegate this routine to “convenient” online services. Switching an increasing number of UK people to buying IQOS Heets Menthol sticks online instead of going to the store – this is also the embodiment of this trend.

There are three aspects that you inevitably need to work on to anyone who sells products online:

· Range

· Price and Promotion Management

· Customer Experience.


The most common mistake is when a retailer copies an offline assortment. You cannot take offline bestsellers and transfer them online. So that the buyer drew attention to you, you will have to try.

Price and Promotion

Offline, the “discount every day” strategy has repeatedly proved its effectiveness, but it turned out to be untenable on-line, where the most successful lever is short-term personalized promos at the peak of traffic.

Customer Experience

In online trading, the mechanics of work are changing. There it is easier to interact with the consumer at different stages, because it is easier to learn how he makes purchases and what attracts attention.

Already, there are smart recommendation systems. Tracking the purchase history, they advise the buyer to purchase those products that match his requests. The next step in this direction is the so-called “supervision”: by analyzing the consumer’s lifestyle, the self-taught system offers a person only IQOS Heets Menthol sticks that are needed and liked.

Chat bots, smart speakers and virtual assistants are the technologies that will provide a new technological breakthrough, similar to what the smartphone once made.