Is vaping still underrated?Though vaping has been here for a while now, getting more popular with each year for being an aid to quit smoking, there are still many smokers that are either sceptical towards it or consider vaping as switching one bad habit for another. Taking into consideration all the positive studies around e-cigarettes this phenomenon is quite intriguing, to say the least.

Public Health England (PHE) has confirmed years ago that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. Similarly, numerous studies conducted around the world have confirmed that nicotine, by itself, does not cause all the dreadful diseases credited to burnt tobacco consumption. However, many companies which are selling products like 5% Juul pods in the UK and not only are having a fair share of negative comments towards them.

Most of these issues are coming from mass disinformation from the media outlets out there, which are propagandising the ‘gateway to smoking’ effect of vaping. This effect is telling us that vaping is allegedly very appealing especially to teens, due to a variety of tasty flavourings, which eventually will turn them into smokers. But according to scientist Ann McNeill of King’s College London, there is no proof of such causations. Moreover, the statistics show us that a very low percentage of those who are not currently smokers turn to vaping for recreational means. As well the same statistics show that more and more people are quitting or trying to quit smoking as a result of using e-cigarettes.

Though it looks like the UK government is very loyal to vaping, the community has a long way to go to make e-cigarettes widely acceptable by the public. It is a complex but much-needed job which can make the UK a smoke free country and maybe give an example to other countries of the world.