Juul 5%To switch from smoking to vaping can be frightening and frustrating. The advantages of vaping include a huge range of devices and liquids as well as endless possibilities for individual selection and adjustment.
It is not easy to understand and choose among thousands of options for liquids with different nicotine content and the ratio of PG and VG, different types and brands of batteries, coils or evaporators, atomizers, and sometimes even the lack of suitable options.
Compact Juul 5% pod systems like Juul Labs eliminate all these difficulties. By combining high-quality technology in a modern design with a stable performance, such devices become very effective and easy to use for the end user.

JUUL appeared in June 2015, since the company has captured a staggering 50% of the market in the United States in just three years. Simultaneously with it, new categories appeared in vaping: pod systems and salt nicotine.
Despite growing competition and many similar products, Juul is a favorite among adult smokers in the countries where smokers diversify their intakes with vaping and wish to use Juul 5% pod systems.

JUUL is not a refillable (closed) pod system. It consists of two parts: a battery pack (battery) and a cartridge filled with liquid for electronic cigarettes.
The cartridge (along with the mouthpiece) is snapped into the battery pack and everything is ready. Jules in JUUL with only one nicotine content – 59 mg / ml, have 5 basic and 3 additional flavors in a limited lines.

The best option to get acquainted with JUUL would be a starter kit, which includes:
– Juul pod system;
– 4 cartridges with different flavors (mango, creme brulee, cool mint and Virginia tobacco);
– USB charger.

One cartridge, depending on the frequency of use, will be consumed about 1-1.5 days (includes about 200 puffs). As for the capacity of the battery, then its work is not designed for the same period, you need to charge on average once a day.
Charging the battery pack takes about 50 minutes, so do not have to wait long.
The battery charge LED is located on the JUUL battery pack.
If you touch the device twice, you can find out by the color of the indicator how much more charge is left: green – high charge, yellow – medium charge, red – low, the device will need to be charged soon.