Juul compatible pods UKSwitching from smoking to vaping can be frustrating for beginners sometimes. However, the advantages of vaping include a huge range of devices and liquids, as well as endless possibilities for individual selection and adjustment.

It is not easy to understand and choose among thousands of options for liquids with different nicotine content and the ratio of PG / VG, different types and brands of batteries, coils or evaporators, atomizers, and sometimes even the lack of suitable options. But Juul compatible pods UK eliminate all these difficulties. By combining high-quality technology in a modern design with a stable performance, they become very effective and easy to use for beginners and end users.

JUUL appeared in June 2015, since the company has captured a staggering 50% of the market in the United States. There appeared new categories in vaping due to it: pod-systems and salt nicotine. Vaping does not stand still; it is promoted again and again.

Despite growing competition and many similar products, Juul is a favorite among adult smokers who want to quit smoking and enjoy all the pleasures of vaping to the maximum.

Juul compatible pods UK are the easiest to use pods, vapers especially need to evaluate: you just need to install the pod in the battery pack and the device is ready to work. It works on dragging; you can vape when you want. There are no buttons or a complex navigation menu. When the liquid in the pod is finished, you just need to remove the old pod and install a new one.

Juul pods are currently available with 8 flavors, but the manufacturer promises to actively add new ones in the future, so you won’t be bored with the old ones.
And yet, there are 2 types of fortress, namely – 5 and 3% nicotine.

The pods serve for a long time, they perfectly saturate with nicotine and at the same time have very pleasant tastes that are well suited for everyday use.

Juul compatible pods UK characteristics:
• very stylish design;
• compact dimensions;
• activation by puff;
• a light weight;