Leaking is one the wide-spread cigarettes problems

It is most probably that just about every e-smoker has experienced an e-cigarette leaking from time to time. When this happens, it doesn’t just mean that you’ve lost some of your e-liquid — it might mean that you’ve stained your clothes or your purse as well.

This problem is known all too well; smokers fill my own cartomizers, and never leave the house without a small e-cigarette in my pocket. More than once, that pocket turned out to have a little spot of e-liquid on it by the time. So, what can you do about an e-cigarette leaking? There are a few tricks that might be helpful for any smoker.

An e-cigarette atomizer or cartomizer is creted to hold a small amount of e-liquid in place and keep the e-cigarette functioning for several uses before it needs replenishing. This might be a polyfill or a hollow reservoir. If your e-cigarette is leaking, the logical explanation is that you’re attempting to add more e-liquid into your e-cigarette than it can actually hold. To solve an e-cigarette leaking problem for a long time, you need to know why it is happening.

If leaking is an unchanged problem for you, we suggest looking at the V2 Pro Series 3 vaporizer. It’s the only e-cigarette to be used with a tank system that’s easy to replenish and absolutely resists leaking.