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Now let’s talk about the vape device mods. If we characterize the upper part of a vape device as “where the liquid is poured”, then a mod is in principle a part “where the batteries are”.

There are two types of mods: Limitless mech mod UK and electronic box mods. What is the difference?

In mechanical mods, the voltage from the battery is supplied directly to the atomizer when the button is pressed, without current-controlling elements (microcircuits). Most often, a mechanical mod means a metal tube, where a threaded hole is drilled on one side, for an atomizer, and there is a threaded button on the other side. The battery is inserted into the tube.

Which price is reasonable when you buy vape mods online?

If a mod is made from high-quality alloy, the mod is gold-plated, and the contacts are made of silver, the price will be relatively high, but the manufacturer gives a long lifetime warranty. You will then rather spare money. If you buy a cheaper mod that will soon be broken and have to buy a new one, you will waste much more.

No “pro” and “contra” are relevant here. Rather the device features matter.

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