To constitute an effective alternative to tobacco, the electronic cigarette is a nomadic device. The urge to smoke is indeed often treacherous and can occur anytime and anywhere. Most e-cigarette models are made to be carried just about anywhere.

Only, everywhere it is not always very clean and your electronic cigarette is prey of choice. A prey for all the dust and other dirt of all kinds haunting our immediate environment.

If the latter seems harmless in the short term, they still have the annoying habit of accumulating and can gradually become problematic. Among the most commonly encountered symptoms is a decrease in performance. But also degraded aromatic restitution, even in extreme cases, an unpleasant sensation when vaping.

This article aims to detail the basic reflexes to know to effectively maintain an electronic cigarette. 

Cleaning your e-cigarette: better to heal than to do nothing at all.

Your electronic cigarette is made up of several parts, often distinct. These are not all subject to the same constraints. It is, therefore, necessary to start by identifying what you have in your hands to know how to clean it without doing anything stupid.

The Drip-Tip

Ideal cleaning frequency: As soon as possible.

Critical piece when it comes to hygiene, the drip tip is indeed the mouthpiece intended to come into contact with your lips. This is usually where the dirt is most visible. It is therefore the one that we clean first (sometimes forgetting to take care of the rest).

Most often exposed directly open to the air, the drip tip is particularly vulnerable to dirt. It is the meeting point between two sources of humidity. Namely your mouth and the flow of steam passing through it. Dust and small crumbs are therefore lodged there perfectly and durably. To limit exposure to dirt, avoid at all costs storing your electronic cigarette directly in a pocket or bag ( crumbs ‘ pilgrimage sites ). Prefer a resealable case or use a waterproof plastic cap.

The Drip-Tip is generally made of a rigid and resistant material. There is no real precaution to take to clean it. Rinse it with clear water with a few drops of dish soap or soap. Then rinse thoroughly and wipe it with a cloth, without omitting the internal part.

Systematically avoid cotton swabs. Although these provide access to small nooks, they nevertheless tend to deposit small particles of chemically treated cotton. These then risk falling towards the resistance of the electronic cigarette.

The tank

The Tank is usually constructed from Pyrex. But it can also be made of different plastic materials (PMMA / Polycarbonate) or even metal (Surgical steel). Because this is the part intended to store your e-liquid, it is important to keep it in immaculate condition. And this is so that the precious fuel retains all its qualities.

If the tank is not generally exposed directly to the open air thanks to the presence of O-rings – which incidentally serve to keep it sealed – dust can sneak in without your knowledge during filling. In extreme cases, excess dust and crumbs in the drip tip can override the resistance and end up in your tank. If this happens, it’s a bad sign. Immediately change your e-cigarette coil and thoroughly clean the tank and the drip tip. Without forgetting to review the way you carry your electronic cigarette.

A Pyrex tank will be relatively fragile. So be sure to handle it gently during extraction and cleaning. In most cases, it is easier to push than to pull out of the O-rings. Do not use boiling water which can cause thermal shock and prefer clear water. It is better to add a drop of washing-up liquid to this (to be rinsed generously afterwards).

Plastic tanks are less sensitive to cleaning. Except for certain compounds (PMMA) which can, under certain circumstances, react to acidity. Avoid any acid washing solution.

Warning: depending on the model, the O-rings remain attached to the tank. Be careful not to lose them when rinsing it.

These parts are used for the circulation of air and steam within your e-cigarette atomizer. They are particularly sensitive to dirt. And this insofar as they undergo an effect of air suction (and therefore of the various dust in suspension).

The airflow and the chimney are delicate parts to maintain. It may indeed be non-removable parts and therefore more difficult to access for thorough cleaning. On the other hand, these parts ensure the circulation of air and steam, it is, therefore, necessary to ensure that they are perfectly dry. This is before reassembling your atomizer, otherwise, the water remaining in these ducts may lodge on the resistance and damage it.

Clean a battery?

The question may seem absurd, but in certain circumstances, it may be useful to clean the battery of your electronic cigarette. Naturally, any water-based cleaning is to be avoided absolutely. However, the connectors of your battery can be subject to wear. Better to know this one to keep an electronic cigarette at the top of its capacities.

Depending on the model of your tank, the airflow may be near the connection of your battery. Over time, a light layer of condensed vapour may settle on the connectors and foul them. The thin layer thus formed may eventually limit the connection between the battery and the atomizer. A bad connection can cause oxidation of the connectors. In extreme cases, the battery may no longer make contact at all and put your electronic cigarette in default.

Remember that prevention is better than cure and will save you a lot of effort. And that it is usually enough to transport your electronic cigarette in a rigid and resealable case to avoid most of the dirt.