Have you just purchased an electronic cigarette?

Whether with Kanger, Aspire, Innokin, Vaporesso, Voopoo, Smok, Geekvape, Eleaf or Joyetech, it can be difficult to use your recently purchased vape for the first time! After unpacking your package, several questions will come up at the same time: how to light an electronic cigarette ? or how to unlock an electronic cigarette?

We assume that you have already chosen your equipment, thanks to our buying advice that you will find on our site in the Help / Tutorials section.

If you haven’t already done so, we invite you to use our tool to select your e-cigarette, and to read our advice on buying your first electronic cigarette.

This step should not be neglected at the risk of finding yourself with unsuitable equipment! 

To fully understand how an electronic cigarette works and to differentiate the different parts that make it up, please also first read our beginner’s guide and instructions for electronic cigarettes.

This initiation page will allow you to understand what the battery of your vaper, the clearomiser, or the resistance of the atomiser corresponds to.

Assemble your Electronic Cigarette Kit: instructions for use

That’s it, you’ve finally taken the plunge! Your new vape is still in its box and is making eyes at you… but how does your electronic cigarette work? What is the setting of a vaper? Most of the time, you have bought a complete kit to start, which contains your Mod (the battery) in Box or Tube format and a clearomizer (which will contain and heat the liquid to create the vapour to inhale). If you are using an electronic cigarette for the first time, rest assured, that you will be able to enjoy your vape from the first use if you follow a few important steps. The operation of a cigarette is rather simple and all electronic cigarettes respond to the same principles: a battery which heats the resistive wire of a resistance which, thanks to the cotton soaked in e-liquid, vaporizes a vapour.

You were also able to buy your Mod and your Clearomiser separately: it doesn’t change anything, the two being in the vast majority of cases compatible with each other thanks to the 510 connectors. Our electronic cigarette and vaping instructions will allow you to take your first steps.

Note that you will also find the instructions for your electronic cigarette in your box.

Charge the battery

If your Mod does not have an internal battery, you have also purchased a battery in the correct format: the first step will be to recharge this one, with an external battery charger if you have one, otherwise via the port USB of your Mod. Not sure which external charger to choose? Discover the new brand of Xtar vape battery chargers.

Prepare the clearomizer

Let’s continue this manual of the electronic cigarette with the clearomiser. Once the battery or accumulator is charged, we can take care of the clearomiser or atomiser, the part of your electronic cigarette containing the resistance which will heat the e-liquid, which will also be contained in the tank of your clearomiser.

Fill your clearomiser and start the resistance

We are now going to fill the clearomiser with the e-liquid of your choice. Priming and operation of an electronic cigarette clearomizer are universal.

We are (almost) ready to start this new adventure. Indeed, depending on your material, your mod, your clearomiser, and your resistance, several ways of vaping are possible.

Like any material, your electronic cigarette must be maintained to be able to be used correctly. And that before and after using your electronic cigarette.

Enjoy your vape, you’ve made it!