Many novice vapers resort to e-cigarettes in order to stop smoking tobacco, that’s why they choose e-liquid brands with tobacco flavor. Most often these flavors are synthetic and produced in laboratories, however, vape juice flavors with nicotine can also be obtained from natural tobacco by the same principle as fruit extracts.

After a person quitted smoking (which is easily and quickly succeeded by most vapers), the tobacco flavor sooner or later loses its popularity. The longer a person smokes e-cigarettes, the more likely it is that he/she will move away from tobacco flavors and prefer them to other flavors.

Candy e-liquid flavors are popular among the younger generation of vapers, much of which grew during the era of the consumer boom in sweets. In addition to the ubiquitous caramel, various popular candies are simulated, for example, Skittles, Pop Rocks and so on. Along with the tastes from the “Breakfast” category, the demand for candy wholesale e-juice flavors is determined by the desire of smokers to return to childhood, which is contributed by the long familiar flavor.

The flavor of cereals is, as a rule, the basis for adding other flavors. Complex combinations of vape juice flavors list are obtained, including not only cereals, but also pastries, sweet fruits (banana is the most common), and dairy products (cream or milk component). Even 2-3 years ago flavors from “Breakfast» category were limited to pancakes and waffles (sometimes with the addition of maple syrup and butter), as well as cinnamon rolls.

However, in recent years imitations of children’s breakfast cereals have been in unprecedented demand, one can say that this is already a separate niche in the market of e-cigarettes liquids.

Floral flavors also occupy a special place. Floral flavors are very different from edible flavors and often do not suit the beginners. However, quality premium fruit juice brands using natural extracts can be pleasant and subtle. The variety of choice is sometimes so amazing!

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