If you are asking yourself these questions, you have come to the right page! We have all gone through this stage to learn a little more about our vape and how. These ratios can impress at first sight but once the PG/VG concept is integrated you will see them much more clearly. 

Definition and Properties

      The PG/VG ratio often referred to as a percentage, will indicate the proportion of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin present in the liquid. Thus a 30/70 ratio will indicate that the liquid has a proportion of 30% Propylene Glycol compared to 70% Vegetable Glycerin. The abbreviations PG and VG refer respectively to Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin.

  • PG = Propylene Glycol 

    Propylene Glycol is regularly used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products (for example toothpaste, medicines, seasonings, etc.). In short, we have always used and/or consumed Propylene Glycol in our daily lives without even knowing it. 

Propylene Glycol is a fairly fluid, colourless and odourless material. The Propylene Glycol will help bring out the aromas more and will therefore influence the flavour of the liquid. Propylene Glycol also promotes the hit, that is to say, the sensation in the throat caused by nicotine when we vape. 

  • VG = Vegetable Glycerin

We also find Vegetable Glycerin in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and more. Still odourless and colourless like its vape companion Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, on the other hand, happens to be thicker and viscous than PG. 

Vegetable Glycerin will allow you to produce more steam. If you want to increase your volume of vapour, vegetable Glycerin will be your then be your ally 

Which Ratio to Use?

       The PG/VG ratio will therefore influence your vape by playing on the hit felt in the throat, the flavour or the volume of vapour produced. Depending on the ratio chosen, the vape sensations will therefore be different.

  • Flavour Ratio 

These ratios, with a high level of Propylene Glycol, will optimize the flavour rendering of your liquids. They will also intensify the throat hit. This type of ratio is recommended for beginner vapers because of the strong presence of a hit reminiscent of that of a classic cigarette. They are also recommended for vapers wishing to vape at low power in indirect vaping. 

Ratios: 80PG/20VG; 76PG/24VG; 70PG/30VG

  • Balanced Ratio 

These ratios are the perfect balance between flavour and vapour. In addition, the 50PG/50VG ratio is very common because it adapts to most electronic cigarettes. We recommend these ratios for vapers wishing to vape with certain stability between vapour and flavour, in indirect vape or not. 

Ratios:   60PG/40VG; 50PG/50VG; 40PG/60VG

  • Steam Ratio 

These ratios are sought after for their roundness and their generous vape. Liquids mainly composed of Vegetable Glycerin will produce a dense vapour but a weaker flavour rendering. We recommend these ratios for vapers wishing to produce maximum vapour. 

Ratio: 30PG/70VG; 20PG/80VG

What PG/VG ratio for my Electronic Cigarette?

         Be careful, the PG/VG ratios will influence your vape but will also depend on your material. Indeed, a liquid that is too fluid (strong PG/ weak VG) in unsuitable equipment will cause leaks. Conversely, a liquid that is too thick (weak PG / strong VG) will not have time to sufficiently soak the resistance (or wick). Vaping on a coil that is not soaked enough can even cause a dry hit (unpleasant burnt taste in the mouth). It is essential to choose a PG/VG ratio consistent with the chosen material. Each material will therefore have adapted e-liquids. 

  • Single Clearomizer

Simple Clearomizers are to be used at low power with a resistance generally equal to or greater than 1 ohm (look directly at the indication on the resistance if you have any doubts), favor fluid liquids. It is therefore advisable to use fluids with a high Propylene Glycol (PG) content. A liquid that is too thick may cause leaks on your equipment. 

Preferred ratios: 80PG/20VG; 76PG/24VG; 70PG/30VG  

  • Versatile Clearomizer 

The versatile Clearomizers will also allow you to adapt higher resistances, but also less than 1ohm. In this case, the PG/VG ratio should be adapted accordingly. 

  • Subhom Clearomizer 

Subhom Clearomizers are to be used at a higher power than simple clearomizers, with resistors of less than 1 ohm (look directly at the indication on the resistor if you have any doubts). These clearomizers, favour e-liquids with a high rate of vegetable glycerin. Too high a Propylene Glycol level will cause dry hits. 

Preferred ratios: 40/60; 30/70; 20/80 

  • Rebuildable Atomizers

 Most rebuildable users vape on thick liquids. However, on rebuildable, it is up to you to create your own resistors. It is therefore up to you to determine the PG/VG ratio that should be used. You can therefore vape on fluid and thick liquids.