ProVari and Lavatube

It must be a dilemma for you why you should buy a ProVari when the Lavatube costs less than half as much. The ProVari definitely looks nicer — although that can obviously very personal — and it’s produced in the United States.

It also maintains its full power under load, which is something the Lavatube sometimes fails to do — especially as you drain the battery. On the ProVari, the first puff with a newly charged battery is exactly identical as the last puff before you recharge. So, that’s a big aspect in favor of the ProVari.

However, you can get almost the same experience with the Lavatube simply by charging the battery more often. So, while the ProVari is clearly better than the Lavatube, we can’t confirm that the difference is remarkable enough that you shouldn’t buy the Lavatube instead if you have to save some money.

Despite the slightly larger size, the Lavatube is a featherweight compared to the ProVari.  It can be simply explained as the ProVari is made from stainless steel while the Lavatube is built from aluminum.  The Lavatube’s weight helps the device to be smaller when in use.

But of course whether you will use this device depends on personal preference and convenience of e-smoking. As soon as you do get such a pleasant experience of usage, it will not matter at all what brand you are smoking. The main thing you are satisfied and pleased.