Are electronic cigarettes effective in quitting smoking? This is the question many smokers ask themselves. According to numerous studies, smoking is much more harmful to health than vaping. If despite all your efforts, you still fall back into your old ways and you start smoking again systematically, vaping could well help you put an end to tobacco for good!

The electronic cigarette to quit smoking

Quitting smoking means not only getting rid of an addiction but above all preserving your health from many smoking-related diseases. And they are many! More than 6 million smokers die each year from cigarettes. In France, the number of deaths due to smoking is equivalent to 1 in 8 deaths in the country. Lung cancer, mouth cancer, pancreatic cancer, risk of heart attack… Tobacco is a real health scourge. Smoking 15 cigarettes a day reduces life expectancy by an average of 10 years. What convince you for good to quit smoking!

Is it wise to use the electronic cigarette as a smoking cessation tool? The first thing to know: is never vape if you are not a smoker. If you start vaping e-liquid containing nicotine, you risk becoming addicted to this substance and not being able to do without it, which could lead you to smoke tobacco in the long run. The opposite effect of the interest in the e-cigarette!

On the other hand, if you are a smoker who cannot stop smoking, switching to vaping could help you quit smoking and thus preserve your health. Compared to tobacco, e-cig has many advantages that are impossible to deny. Be careful however, this does not mean that the electronic cigarette is not without danger or that it is good for your health! According to the latest WHO report, vaping still presents health risks, even if they are much less than those induced by tobacco use. Quitting smoking thanks to vaping should not divert you from the goal to be achieved: completely stop your consumption of tobacco, but also of nicotine!

How to quit smoking electronic cigarettes?

You have made a good resolution and you firmly intend to stick to it: quit smoking for good! It is best to be accompanied by a professional to benefit from his wise advice. A tobacco specialist is a health specialist whose mission is to help smokers get rid of their addiction to tobacco. It is therefore an ally of choice that will provide you with personalized advice based on your profile as a smoker and your experience with quitting smoking.

If you are a very heavy smoker who cannot stand patches and other nicotine substitutes, you can discuss the issue of vaping with nicotine salt e-liquid with your tobacco specialist. This type of e-cigarette product provides a feeling of nicotine satisfaction similar to that of tobacco thanks to the nicotine salts it contains. Thanks to them, the feeling of frustration is absent! Gradually, your nicotine dosage can be reduced and then move on to traditional e-liquids, which have a slower action on the body. Continue to decrease the nicotine dosage of the e-liquid you are vaping until you reach 0 mg/ml, i.e. e-liquid without nicotine! Once weaned off nicotine, you can concentrate on the gradual reduction of the vape until you completely succeed in doing without the gesture.

The opinion of toxicologists on the electronic cigarette to quit smoking

Most smoking doctors agree that electronic cigarette is much less dangerous than tobacco. On the figures side, the e-cig would be 95% less dangerous than the cigarette, which contains 4,000 chemical substances (50 are carcinogenic) including carbon monoxide, tars and many solid particles which have harmful effects on the lungs and respiratory capacity. Not to mention the many serious illnesses, including cancer, that it causes! Between continuing to smoke because of the failure of traditional methods of withdrawal or using vaping as a smoking cessation tool, there is no question to ask!

If we still have a little perspective on the risks associated with vaping, using an electronic cigarette is beneficial in certain cases. For most smokers turned vapers, nicotine withdrawal takes several months. Once the smoking cessation goal has been reached and stabilized, the next step is to reduce the number of vaping sessions per day and their duration. Generally, a few months are enough to manage to get rid of the psychological dependence and finally be free!

Tips for quitting smoking with electronic cigarettes

The major problem with stopping smoking is not only the lack of nicotine but above all the dependence on the gesture and the sensations that a cigarette gives. If the patches and other nicotine substitutes have an effect in calming the lack of nicotine, the need to smoke by the habit of gesture and taste can sometimes take over. The advantage of the vapoteuse (also called Vaporetto) is that with some very fine tube models, you keep the gesture, but without the carcinogenic substances of tobacco. With other e-cigarette kit models that are held differently in the hand, you adopt new gestures, on the contrary, to detach yourself a little more from the tobacco cigarette. It’s up to you to see what suits you! 

The first step once you have decided to quit smoking for good is to equip yourself with a small, inexpensive vape. To do this, start researching the different types of e-cigs and take stock of your nicotine needs. We advise you to first buy a CE for beginner vapers, which allows you to vape in indirect inhaling (MTL), with a tight pull. Enough to have sensations close to those offered to you by your cigarettes! If you want an e-cigarette model without a button and without having to do anything (no filling, no change of resistance, no cleaning…), there are disposable electronic cigarette models, such as the Liquideo Wpuff. Each CE puff Wpuff includes a battery and nicotine salt e-liquid in the flavour of your choice. You vape and once your disposable e-cig is finished, you throw it away (thinking about recycling!). It’s a simple solution to test the vape without committing!

If you opt for a small, inexpensive vaper with a tank to fill (called a clearomizer) to start vaping, you will have to look at the e-liquid side. There are plenty of them, it’s up to you to test several to see what suits you! Once you get used to vaping, you can move on to other flavours. Of course, nothing prevents you from vaping directly with an e-cig and vape juice with a fruit, dessert or mint flavour if you feel like it!

Follow your desires, as long as it is not a question of returning to tobacco! Tobacco addiction is a real plague, which is very difficult to fight. Luckily, vaping is there to help you quit smoking without relapsing!