You have the perfect electronic cigarette, but there is still no electronic fluid to it, what to do and how to choose e-liquid cheap?

If the battery of the electronic cigarette is the heart, the atomizer is the brain, then the e-liquid is its soul. Without electronic liquid, the electronic cigarette is a useless piece.

First of all choose e-liquid flavors.

Aroma is the main constituent of the electronic liquid. If you do not like the fragrance, then there is no sense in finding it in the e-juice flavor concentrate wholesale. Fortunately, electronic fluids have different flavors: fruit, flavors of various products and confectionery, cocktails, tobacco mixtures, etc. Some electronic fluids are available. mix it yourself to get the taste that you like.

Beginners often choose tobacco mixtures that correspond to the flavor of their favorite brand of cigarettes. That is why there is a wide range of tobacco flavors.

After a while vapers become more curious and begin to try other interesting and new tastes for themselves. Some prefer the taste of confectionery, for example, chocolate, cake, cake, ice cream, while others eat breakfast, lunch or dinner with flavors such as porridge, pizza and others. There are vapers who prefer premium fruit juice brands.

In the market of fragrances there are also mixtures of several wholesale e-juice flavors where flavors are mixed, creating completely new exotic tastes.

There are also alcoholic flavors – beer, cognac, wine and various cocktails.

The main tip: when choosing an electronic liquid, start with those that you just like and then you can start experimenting with new flavors ..

Later you can buy several fragrances and flavors and make your favorite liquid – mixing them in different proportions and trying what happened.

Some vapers do not buy electronic fluids, but do them themselves. This requires certain ingredients, which you can also very easily find in the market. However, this is more suitable for an experienced vaper who knows what he wants.

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