mods for vape pensAll vapers who prefer to have an exchangeable battery in their battery holder will also be able to use the iStick RIM C mods for vape pens in the future. This is the latest variant of the pretty and handy mods for vape pens.
We below add some of the best models of mods for vape pens that can be advised to our customers.
See them now and ask questions if you have any!

The iStick RIM C mods for vape pens work with 18650 battery cell and deliver up to 80 watts of power. Despite the small dimensions, the IStick Rim vaporizer accommodates up to 26 mm in diameter.
Thanks to the three-button control and display, the operation of the small iStick Rim C wand is simple and user-friendly.
Adorable: The Eleaf iStick RIM C mods for vape pens.

With a total length of only 8.2 cm and a maximum width of 3.5 cm, the iStick Rim Kit is also excellent in small hands. On the back a small area is covered with non-slip rubber, which ensures very good grip. The visual highlight, however, is the IML surface in many designs – from serious to trendy.
In the IML process (In Molding Label), the printed surface is covered with a protective film. This provides protection, but above all a shiny, high-quality finish.
The iStick RIM C mods for vape pens are operated in variable watt mode and deliver up to 80 watts of power.

The 18650 battery is inserted from below and can be changed in seconds. The iStick RIM C mods for vape pens have a future-proof USB-C connection. A suitable charging cable is included in the scope of delivery, please remove the attached micro USB adapter and use the USB-C connection before using the cable.
The advantages of the Eleaf iStick Rim C mods for vape pens at a glance:
very nice design in the IML process
ultra compact for 1x 18650 battery cell (not included)
Variable power setting up to 80 watts
Adjustable display
bottom airflow control.