The Aspire brand is famous for its range of Nautilus clearomizers which is based on innovative technology. It has set up several technological jewels offering exceptional performance with an impressive rendering of flavours. In this range, there are up to 4 clearomizers with characteristics that you will appreciate. Discover all the information about these kits in this article.

The characteristics of Nautilus clearomizers

The clearomiser is a reservoir intended to contain the e-liquid introduced into an electronic cigarette. The size and performance of this part determine the resistance of an e-cigarette. 

The Aspire brand owes its popularity to the quality of its very first clearo equipped with BDC resistors. The latter produces an intense vapour, offering an excellent rendering of the flavour of the e-liquid. After overwhelming success, the manufacturer has created several other accessories in the same category, suitable for both beginners and experienced vapers. Among the best known on the market, we can mention the Nautilus 2S and the Nautilus X which have attractive properties.  

The Aspire Nautilus X Clearomiser 

It owes its remarkable performance to its Utech resistance which is simply recharged. Indeed, you do not need to disassemble the tank to introduce your e-liquid. In addition, it consists of a pyrex tube that is very easy to clean, as well as an airflow that you can adjust to your liking to choose the tight, medium, airy or very airy draw. 

The Aspire Nautilus 2S Clearomiser

It is equipped with an easily refillable 2.6ml tank. It offers a very airy draw, thus promoting a unique experience.  To benefit from a strong intensity, it will be necessary to position the ring of the clearomiser at level 3 or 4. This accessory is compatible with the BVC resistances which offer both direct and indirect inhalation. 

The Nautilus Aspire mini Clearomiser

The Aspire brand has thought of beginners by offering this clearomiser with a 2ml tank. Made of Pyrex, it has airflow control and BVC resistance. On this equipment, there are no screws for the ego batteries.

Choosing the right Nautilus Clearomiser 

As you will have understood, the range of Nautilus Aspire clearomizers is rather vast. Although they are equally good at each other, they are designed for different uses. So before buying yours, you will have to inquire about the characteristics. 

The capacity of the tank is the main element that you must put forward. In addition, the level of resistance of the device will depend on your preferences in terms of pulling (tight pulling or not). You can also take advantage of the promotions offered on the brand’s site or on certain partner sites to buy a clearomizer at a good price.