Traditional e-liquids, with vegetable or nicotine salts, what are the properties and advantages of the different nicotine liquids? 

Traditional nicotine liquids

Regardless of its form, nicotine is always extracted from tobacco leaves. This extraction is generally done using liquid solvents.

The nicotine used in current liquids is a so-called “nicotine-base” nicotine. It is so named for its basic pH, obtained after its purification via various processes. It is also found in other nicotine substitutes, such as patches or chewing gum.

Nicotine base has the advantage of being simple to obtain and use. However, unlike natural nicotine, nicotine base has a fairly long activation time, around 10 minutes. While a tobacco cigarette brings immediate satisfaction, you have to vape for several minutes before feeling the effects of nicotine.

Liquids with nicotine salts

Nicotine salts are a form of nicotine close to its natural state. They are obtained after acidification of the nicotine base, which then regains its natural acid PH. Results? Much faster action and a more pleasant throat sensation.

Nicotine salts allow you to find the immediate satisfaction of a tobacco cigarette, as well as a moderate hit despite a high level of nicotine. Liquids with nicotine salts are therefore perfectly indicated for the most addicted beginner vapers.

Liquids with nicotine salts are still being democratized: the brands that offer them are not yet very numerous, which can limit your choice of flavours. They are generally offered with two nicotine levels: 10 or 20 mg/ml. The choice is therefore still quite limited.

Veggie liquids

Vegetal liquids are liquids with a particular composition. Here, it is not the nicotine that will have interesting properties, but the base of the liquid. In these e-liquids, vegetal is used to replace propylene glycol. In addition to its natural origin and its low environmental impact, vegetal offer better delivery of nicotine. It thus makes it possible to obtain better bioavailability of nicotine, which will be better assimilated by the body even with low concentrations.

Unlike nicotine salts, the hit provided by vegetal remains pronounced, but less irritating than that of a propylene glycol e-liquid. Vegetal e-liquids are therefore an interesting alternative to nicotine salts for vapers who like to feel a certain hit in the throat. They are also available with many nicotine levels to correspond to a greater number of vapers.