The recently released Exceed Edge Juul alternative refillable starter kit has an ergonomic case with an interesting design inspired by a sports car.
Being a Juul alternative refillable pod system, the novelty uses EX series interchangeable evaporators suitable for liquids with saline nicotine.
This compact and light-weight Juul alternative refillable device is aimed at the lovers of relatively tight tightening, and this story is no longer about taste, but about saturation.
The Joyetech Exceed Edge Starter Kit comes in a transparent plastic tube, closed with lids on both sides, on one of which social pages are indicated, and on the other there is an image of the device, company name and a sticker in our case, which is not for sale.

The internal space is divided by a cardboard insert, on which you can find a complete set, information about the manufacturer and a protective layer with a code for checking originality on the official website.
The package includes the device itself, tickets with evaporators, charging cable, rubber bands, warranty card, warnings and a quick user guide.
The advertising campaign said that when creating the Joyetech Exceed Edge Juul alternative refillable Starter Kit, designers were inspired by sports cars.
That is why the lower part of the painted zinc alloy battery pack resembles the stern of a sports car with elongated LED lights and a huge tailpipe that fits into the micro-USB port.
Still, the association with the car is not so clear compared to the previously tested Wintel EIF Rambo Starter Kit.

On the side surface, there is a large button with a rubberized coating, which is responsible for turning on the device and supplying power. A transparent cartridge made of heat-resistant plastic, with a peculiar and rather ergonomic mouthpiece, completes the composition.
The cartridge is simply pulled out of the battery pack and is a reservoir with a volume that meets TPD standards. Below there is a connector platform, which will need to be unscrewed for the subsequent installation of a replaceable evaporator.
Power is supplied by two spring-loaded contacts inside the battery pack. Air enters through an opening inside the same compartment from under the buttons and is then supplied from below to the evaporator.