The KR-808 e-cigarette by V2

The KR-808 e-cigarette is one of the most wide-spread models in the market, and V2 is far from the only company marketing KR-808 packages. The Halo G6 is another KR-808 e-cigarette.

We would like to discuss the features that differentiate V2 from the others in detail in the article. It it’s necessary to mention two most important features here as well. The first one is that V2 Cig offers a lifetime warranty for all products except refill cartridges. Unlike every other “lifetime warranty, the V2 warranty includes batteries and portable battery charging cases. As long as you are a V2 customer, the person who was purchasing refill cartridges in the past few months, you can return any failed component to V2 for a replacement. Every lithium ion battery in the world is guaranteed to fail eventually, so V2’s warranty will save you a lot of money in the future.

The second important feature is the careful quality control process for e-liquids. If you visit the home page of the V2 Cigs website, you’ll pay attention to a little text field with the label “E-Liquid Test Results.” Every box of cartridges and bottle of e-liquid marketed by V2 has a four-character code printed on it. Fill the code into that field and you can instantly download a PDF file showing that no toxins or contaminants were detected in the e-liquid. Every single batch of e-liquid produced by V2’s laboratory is tested in this manner — no other company proceeds like that.

An additional feature of V2 Cigs is their low price for refill cartridges if you buy in gross. Some e-smokers prefer to buy e-liquids by the bottle and fill their own cartridges. But of course it is individual. Most people would rather take a cartridge out of the pack, twist it on and go. Unfortunately, some companies charge a significant sum for packs of cartridges, because that’s where the majority of their profits come from. Here, V2’s popularity is really a find; they can buy cartridges massively, sell them for less and still make an acceptable profit. V2’s best deal on bulk cartridges gives you 80 cartridges.