The Main Five Types of Electronic Cigarettes

1. PenStyle
The main differences between all manufactured electronic cigarette types is in the characteristics of the main elements of the device design: battery, cartridge filled with a special liquid for smoking, atomizer and LED that simulates a real cigarette smoldering. PenStyle e-cigarette model is similar to the felt-tip pen, and – it would be the best choice for those who have just moved to without nicotine electronic cigarettes.

The powerful battery of this type of device (about 289 mAh) allows you to use it without charge for a long time. An important advantage of this model can is that the atomizer’s design : is hidden in the e-cigarette body, which gives a guarantee of durability and long-term use. This type of e-cigarettes are not afraid of mechanical influences.

2. Type MINI
This model is incredibly popular because of the similarity of its appearance to a real cigarette. The cartridge has cylindrical shape, simulating the original cigarette filter, but the sale are some models in which there is a mouthpiece. This type of cigarettes are shorter in length than the PenStyle model, its length is near 110 mm. Distinguishing feature – its battery is weaker than in mentioned above model PenStyle. Cartridge volume also is smaller due to the size of the device.

3. Class Micro
Modern technical breakthrough is often directed at reducing the size of devices, so this trend is also reflected on electronic cigarettes. It is the smallest model of this device type on the market, but the appearance and size is its only advantage. This type of cigarette battery is lacking in power and volume of the cartridge and allows you to make no more than 50 puffs. E-cigarettes of class Micro prefer girls, but it is better to wear this fragile device in special case.

4. Cigarette VGo, EGo, Screwdriver
This is second generation of smoking devices, their appearance resemble a cigar. Power Battery can be from 650mAh to 1100, 1300 mAh, and their impressive volume of the cartridge allows you to enjoy smoking delicious steam for a long time. You can smoke this type of e cigarettes (if you are not a heavy smoker) without recharge near three days.

5. Electronic pipes
This particular model of electronic cigarettes is characterized by significant capacity of battery and cartridge volume, from containing 2.5 ml to 3.5 ml of e-liquid. To simulate the process of smoking pipe, in this device has been modified the atomizer that produces a lot of steam, resembling tobacco smoke.