The electronic cigarette and the breath are linked. Vaping has a more or less direct impact on your breathing. It’s mostly quitting smoking that leads to an improvement in your breath.

Without the carbon monoxide that contaminates cigarette smoke, you breathe with new lungs. Smoking attacks your respiratory functions. If you have asthma, it’s not uncommon for cigarettes to make your attacks worse. If you cough, it’s because tobacco irritates your bronchial tubes.

Here’s everything you need to know about e-cigarettes and puffs. Distinguish what is true and what is false in the following statements.

Vaping can preserve your airways, in particular by helping you to quit smoking, and thus help you find more breath.

The electronic cigarette gives more breath

True. Electronic cigarette helps you quit smoking. And it’s quitting smoking that improves your breath.

Smoking, and in particular the carbon monoxide present in cigarette smoke, reduces lung capacity and causes shortness of breath called dyspnea. This shortness of breath occurs when you make a more or less intense physical effort, such as climbing stairs.

Dyspnea can be more or less serious depending on your state of health. Asthmatic smokers or smokers who suffer from respiratory or bronchial disorders will see their symptoms worsen. Because the combustible cigarette degrades the lungs.

Tobacco is also responsible for 83% of lung cancers in men and 69% in women (according to figures from the cancer-environment site).

So when you quit smoking, you recover your respiratory functions. And this is where the electronic cigarette comes in. Vaping helps you quit smoking. It is an effective smoking cessation aid, with a 95% risk reduction.

Order your first electronic cigarette AIO kit now to take care of your lungs and get your breath back. You can run a marathon and climb stairs without feeling faint, and that’s already good news.

The electronic cigarette reduces breath

Fake. Inevitably, if the electronic cigarette gives more breath, it does not reduce it. So no, vaping does not diminish your breath. On the contrary, it helps it to regulate itself, to strengthen itself and no longer feel out of breath at the slightest effort.

If you’ve been having trouble breathing since you started e-cigarettes, consider the side effects of quitting smoking. Quitting smoking may cause side effects such as a persistent cough.

But the cough in the vaper is rather a good sign. This means that your bronchial tubes are repairing themselves. Tobacco consumption irritates the bronchi, but above all disintegrates the vibrating cilia. These lashes are great for helping your airways clear toxins and mucus.

When you stop smoking, the vibrating cilia grow back. That’s why you’re coughing. This expectoration means that you are evacuating mucus and toxins left behind by cigarette smoke. In other words: your body repairs, regenerates and prepares to be healthier.

Nicotine affects the breath

True. Nicotine from cigarettes can irritate bronchial tubes. It is all the more irritating in people with asthma who are already at risk of having difficulty finding their breath or breathing.

By quitting smoking, you are already starting to eliminate all the substances that reduce your respiratory capacities, such as tar and carbon monoxide. The electronic cigarette helps you on this site and allows you to find your breath as well as a better physical condition.

But the idea is to wean yourself off your addiction to nicotine. It should be known, that nicotine is not a danger and does not cause diseases. Its ultimate risk is the creation of addiction in those who consume it, whether you are a smoker or a vaper.

Electronic cigarettes offer the advantage of weaning you off nicotine. To Go slowly and at your own pace. Be accompanied by a tobacco specialist to put all your chances on your side.

If nicotine produces respiratory discomfort or pain in the rib cage when you breathe, you will find that nicotine withdrawal will have a positive impact on your breath and breathing.

The electronic cigarette makes you short of breath

Fake. The electronic cigarette does not make you short of breath. When you’re gasping for air and struggling to breathe, it’s because tobacco has messed up your chest. The capacities of the bronchi and lungs are undermined.

Shortness of breath can sometimes simply come from quitting smoking itself and not from the Vaporetto. This is called bronchial hyperreactivity, a feeling of irritation in the bronchial tubes caused by the passage of tobacco smoke during all your years of smoking.

These years of smoking degrade your breath and cause the famous feeling of shortness of breath. Your bronchial tubes will take a few days to a few weeks before successfully evacuating the remains of smoke.

During this time, they remain irritated and sensitive, sometimes causing difficulty breathing, coughing, and difficulty taking deep breaths. Give your bronchial tubes time to repair. They are still traumatized and swollen from cigarette smoke.

The electronic cigarette helps you eliminate the smoke residues that attack your bronchial tubes. Smoking withdrawal symptoms, such as coughing, can last between 4 and 8 weeks. Our advice: arm yourself with patience and consider your shortness of breath and your cough as good signs, because you are repairing yourself from the inside.

The electronic cigarette, the breath and the sport are incompatible.

Fake. The electronic cigarette and the sport are perfectly compatible and in particular the breath.

When you smoke, you get out of breath with the slightest effort. Running or even playing sports indoors is difficult. But when you vape, you find a sporty breath. You no longer suffer from dyspnea, which allows you to train and boost your sports performance.

Your physical condition improves with the vape. The smoke of the e-cigarette is healthier than that of the combustible cigarette, it is felt on your resistance and your respiratory capacity during the effort.

The tar from tobacco cigarettes is responsible for your shortness of breath when you play sports. It slows blood oxygenation, which forces the heart to work harder and therefore makes you breathe faster.

With the vape and the absence of tar in your lungs, your heart can better follow the rhythm of your sports sessions. Physical activity is easier and your heart rate and breath are calmer.

On the other hand, we do not guarantee that the vape avoids aches after a good sports session!

Electronic cigarettes are dangerous for the lungs

Fake. Electronic cigarette is not dangerous for the lungs. It is even less harmful than tobacco. Unlike the latter, the vape does not make you inhale the 4000 chemical and carcinogenic substances caused by the combustion of tobacco.

Vaping vapour is 95% less toxic than cigarette smoke. It does not contain tar, acetone or other poisons which increase the toxicity and the dangers of smoking on your health. The vapour from the e-cigarette contains:

  • propylene glycol which is harmless when you inhale it as an aerosol;
  • vegetable glycerin which is not dangerous for the health;
  • aromas which again present no risk;
  • nicotine which helps you quit smoking and which limits cravings (and therefore reduces the risk of relapsing into smoking).

Namely that nicotine is not dangerous for health. Its only risk is to cause an addiction that locks you into the vicious circle of smoking. The electronic cigarette helps you wean yourself off your nicotine addiction.

If you are wondering if e-cigarettes damage the lungs, the answer is no. On the contrary, your vaping breaks free up your breathing capacities, including your breath which is fuller, less painful and which does not make you cough when you take a deep breath.

The electronic cigarette cleans the lungs

Not really. Without being true or false, this statement is ambivalent. Because the electronic cigarette does not strictly speak to clean the lungs. On the other hand, it helps to repair your breath and your respiratory capacities.

As explained above, vibrating eyelashes grow back when you stop smoking. Your bronchial tubes are repairing and you feel an improvement in your breath. And the repair of your bronchi is only due to quitting smoking.

And quitting smoking can be brought about by switching to electronic cigarettes. But above all, vaping limits the risk of relapsing into smoking. Because it vaporizes nicotine and imitates the gesture of the cigarette, it helps you in your smoking cessation.

The most important thing to find your breath with the electronic cigarette is not to crack. Your decision or desire to quit smoking is a good one. Stay motivated and go through the stages of withdrawal to get rid of cigarettes, no longer be addicted to nicotine and fight against smoking.

The personal vaporizer does not clean the lungs but helps you repair them through smoking cessation.

Passive vaping: blowing e-cigarette vapour is not harmful

True. Passive vaping is not harmful to those around you. The vapour of the e-cigarette disappears in less than one minute in the air, that is to say, 100 times faster than the smoke of a normal cigarette.

There is no risk for your family or loved ones inhaling electronic cigarette products. The vaper does not blow carbon monoxide or any other harmful particles.

The opinion of toxicologists on the electronic cigarette

Opinions on the electronic cigarette diverge in the medical sector. Some are for it, because they see real positive effects on vapers, and others are against it and put the vape in the same battle as they fight against tobacco.

The lack of scientific studies explains the distrust of some doctors towards the vaper. But more and more research points to the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes in quitting smoking.

And that’s what toxicologists remember. The risks of vaping are much lower than those of tobacco and it is an opportunity for smokers to successfully quit smoking.

The opinion of pulmonologists on electronic cigarettes and breath

Several pulmonologists have indeed noticed that the breath of their patients improved with the electronic cigarette. This is not surprising, because vaping allows you to quit smoking and quitting smoking improves breathing capacities.

The pulmonologist and tobacco specialist Bertrand Dautzenberg questioned on Europe 1 about the possible dangerousness of the electronic cigarette and the possibility of a ban in the United States, affirms that the ” electronic cigarette is innocent “.

According to him, it is not possible to ban an alternative to tobacco when the latter is much more dangerous than vaping.