ujDue to the e-cig benefits vaping becomes more and more popular each passing year. Not only a million of Americans and 300,000 Brits switched to e-cigarettes, the device is also sweeping the celebrity world, and many of them can be caught by the cameras while using their innovative devices. Here are a few of the famous actors and musicians you can expect to see with an e-cigarette in their mouth.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo was famously snapped with a cigarette while cycling and from a distance, the little device fooled many people into thinking he was smoking the real thing. He was actually using a e-cigarette and he has been photographed several times since with it. The actor is rarely seen without his vape these days. Whether he’s checking out properties, riding a bike, or attending an awards gala, Leo is on his vape game.

Johnny Depp
This major Hollywood star was seen with an e-cigarette in his latest film, `The Tourist`, where his character demonstrates how it is actually an electronic device instead of burning tobacco. In “The Tourist” he plays a spy smugly vaping on a cig-a-like. Johnny Depp is actually a longtime smoker of regular cigarettes, but it is not known yet whether he will choose to switch to the `e` variety after trying them out on set.

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl is the star of the romantic comedy ‘Life As We Know It’ and she was one of the first celebrities to demonstrate her e-cigarette – on the David Letterman Show, no less. She convinced David to try a puff, and says that it is helping her to quit smoking for real. Katherine turned her vaporizer into a conversation topic on the Tonight Show back in 2011. Since then, she’s been spotted with using a mod and tank.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is, of course, best known for playing the vampire Edward Cullen in the hit movie series Twilight. He has previously been seen smoking traditional cigarettes, but was spotted with an e-cigarette on the set of his new movie Cosmopolis. Robert is the one who loves a good vape and has reportedly used e-cigarettes to help him quit smoking.

Jack Nicholson

The famous actor has taken up vaping to help cut back on tobacco, like countless others. The 80 years old actor is often seen with his electronic device, even while signing autographs. Sometimes the easiest solution is also the best.