Turkish Tobacco: The Best Halo Liquid

Halo has been present in our lives for a long time and some of their older liquids have already got dedicated fans. Some smokers claim, that, Turkish Tobacco is the best Halo liquid overall.

For tobacco lovers, it reminds them of the things that are so correct about the experience of smoking tobacco — the saturated, slightly sweet flavor, the little scratch in the throat — without making them recall the wrong things, like the ugly smells and the yellow stains on the fingers. Turkish Tobacco is the Halo liquid to try if you’re searching for something that absolutely reminds you of the best aspects of tobacco.

This liquid usually offers an excellent mixture of sun-cured tobacco flavor with a very light semi-sweet top hint. This special e-liquid flavor is peculiar of the original Turkish Tobacco cultivated off the coast of the Black Sea, which is widely used in classic cigarettes and blended into various pipe tobaccos.

Turkish Tobacco E-liquid has a quite mild tobacco flavor, so it is a great option for “light tobacco” smokers still expecting to get substantial throat hit and good vapor production. Unlike other e-liquid blends, this E-liquid is eleborated to be vaped all day long.