Value of the refill cartridges

Value of the refill cartridges is one of final problem with the Skycig e-cigarette. It is the poor value of the refill cartridges. Every pack costs not much.

Each of these tiny L88 cartridges is hardly the equivalent of a half pack of cigarettes, so you’ll be ordering many times before you’ve finished your first week as a Skycig e-smoker. Even the price will not help much, the savings compared to smoking won’t be anywhere near what they could be. Think of it!

Compare this price to V2 Cigs, another US major company that delivers the goods to the UK. Because the V2 e-cigarette is a little bit larger than the Skycig e-cigarette, the cartridges are wider in size and contain about 25 percent more e-liquid. Yet, the price per five-pack of cartridges is quite accessible (in pounds) at today’s exchange rate.

If you buy in the gross to save on your shipping costs and use the coupon code (when you are a regular customer) for a 10 percent discount, you can get the price very affordable and surprising per pack. Why should you want to pay more than double for less e-liquid? It is not logical and waste of time.

The V2 Standard Kit includes twice as many cartridges as the Skycig e-cigarette. Taking the higher quality of V2’s product into account as well the amount of money you’d save. That is why it would be worth waiting several additional days for shipping.

Skycig is just a bit antiquated by modern standards. But many smokers would like such a special approach to the modern technology of e-smoking.