Jester Pod is a new a Juul alternative UK-popular device from Vapefly. The company appeared in 2014, it was mainly engaged in production for other brands, it is better known in the narrow circles of manufacturers as R&D. The Vapefly brand has been launched since 2017. That’s why Vapefly’s Juul alternative UK-popular device line has names that are more suitable for the German epic about the Nibelungs, like the Brunhilde MTL RDA or Kriemhild Sub Ohm Tank.

The name Jester can be interpreted as a jester, which also falls into the general development trend of the company. Middle Ages, you know. The Jester Pod kit is positioned by the manufacturer as the first serviced pod system focused on fans of dripping. And all due to the fact that the Juul alternative UK-popular kit has a cartridge with a serviced base.

It is worth paying tribute to Vapefly, which was one of the first to produce POD systems with a serviced base. Despite the fact that the device was presented back in June, and went on sale in the fall, it is in special demand among vapers precisely because of the RBA base. The feature of the base is that it is as simple as possible to maintain – the deck resembles the Berserker RTA, and the ability to lay cotton wool resembles the classic RDTA. In addition to the RBA base, the vaper can use replaceable cartridges with built-in mesh evaporators that can give a sea of taste. and practical, successfully sold all over the world, as the serviced base is captivating.
The Vapefly Jester Juul alternative UK-popular device is compact, versatile for a wide range of vapers. The device is neatly assembled, well-equipped, ready to use out of the box.
Beginners should buy the Jester Pod as a simple, easy-to-use, compact device to reduce nicotine addiction. Experienced vape lovers are likely to enjoy the versatility, the ability to use the Jester Pod with maintenance-free evaporators, and the presence of a serviced deck that expands the possibilities for a new experience.