Vapor Couture - improved for 2015

In 2014 and 2015, the product line of Vapor Couture starter kits was rebranded, resulting in offering of wider selection of different price categories. Vapor Couture’s accessories were also introduced by the addition of innovative portable charging case and leather smart phone clutch.

The smart phone clutch is quite trendy and is an excellent improvement in comparison to the previous clutch offered with the older Vapor Couture kits — and before the product rebranding, a portable charging case for Vapor Couture wasn’t added at all.

These modifications bring the Vapor Couture product in line with the basic V2 Cigs product concerning quality. We are especially pleased with the launch of the charging case. It created the same design as the V2 Cigs charging case, which is the best one has ever used. It is fashionable, reliably built and charges batteries quickly.

Vapor Couture refill cartridges start at a minimal price per five-pack. Once you get your favorite refill flavor, you can save money in the future by buying it in a gross. The bulk price is very beneficial for 20 cartridges or for 40 cartridges (good sum savings). Additionally, you can use the coupon code as soon as you become a repeated customer and save 10% on any Vapor Couture purchase that doesn’t include a starter kit.

Being an online customer and buying e-cigs online is not a big problem. After you’ve decided which Vapor Couture products fit your style, visit the website. Create your Vapor Couture account and select your easy method of payment. Before logging out, be sure to sign up for newsletter to receive hottest offers, updates, and the latest news.