this article, you will learn what constitutes vape flavors diy for and how to make it at home.
Step one – Doing a “zero mixture”.

You will need PG, VG and AD in order to make it.. If you are a novice vaper and do not know yet what proportions are the most suitable for you – we recommend making a simplified, traditional “zero”:

PG = 47%, VG = 47%, AD = 6% example: PG = 4,7ml + VG = 4,7ml + AD = 0,6ml:

An example of making 100ml of traditional “zero” (you need a measuring cup and a 10ml syringe with a thick needle):

PG = 47ml + VG = 47ml + AD = 6ml

Now it’s time to add nicotine and flavor and analyze cheap premium vape juice. Pay attention to the vape juice flavors list.

Examine how the aroma is revealed, how nicotine and TH are felt. Pay attention to fluidity of fluid – too liquid will squish, too thick will burn. For each device, you need to select your top vape flavors. Well, watch your individual tolerability of the resulting fluid. And considering the characteristics of all the e-liquid ingredients, start experimenting with the proportions of PG, VG and AD until you make your ideal base.

Step two – Add e-liquid nicotine.

In order to obtain the required dose of nicotine, two types of bases of 36 and 100 are usually used. It is enough only one time to understand the simple arithmetic calculation of nicotine and you can always and what is important, mix free vape juice of any fortress without special programs and calculators, calculating it to hundredths having with the most common household calculator. Let’s figure out the figures:

One hundred percent nicotine is 1000mg per one milliliter of liquid, and not 100mg, as many think, being confident that they work in the kitchen with 100% nicotine. In fact, 100 is just a 10% solution of nicotine. For the ease of counting, we propose to consider nicotine in milligrams (mg) separately, and separately the basis in which it is contained in milliliters. It is necessary to get a good understanding of the essence of calculations only once and then it will be easy always.