First-time vapers, welcome! With the definitive cessation of cigarette smoking and your desire to switch to vaping, you have the right to ask yourself which e-liquid you will be able to start on. There are therefore 2 criteria to take into account when composing or choosing your e-liquid: the nicotine level, which will have a direct impact on your nicotine intake as well as on the level of hit (sensation in the throat), and the aroma that you will choose because this one will complete your feeling of vape. Ready? Let’s go.

Set your nicotine level

To define the nicotine level corresponding to you, you can refer to the following equivalences:

  • For a former heavy smoker (> 15 cigarettes/day), opt for an e-liquid with a rate between 12 and 18 mg/ml of nicotine or even the use of nicotine salt;
  • For an ex-good smoker (between 10 and 15 cigarettes/day), choose an e-liquid with a rate of between 9 and 12 mg/ml of nicotine;
  • For an ex-standard smoker (between 5 and 10 cigarettes/day), we recommend a rate of 6 mg/ml of nicotine;
  • For an ex-light smoker (< 5 cigarettes/day), prefer a rate of 3 mg/ml of nicotine, or even directly an e-liquid without nicotine!

Of course, these equivalences are averages and do not take into account the specificities of each smoker. For each cigarette smoked, the amount of nicotine absorbed varies according to the volume of smoke inhaled, which is not the same for all smokers.

The majority of e-liquids are available already mixed with a classic nicotine dosage in 0, 3, 6, 11, 12, 16 and 18 mg/ml but also in nicotine salt 10, or 20 mg/ml (for 10ml e-liquid bottles). Then there are overdosed aroma formats, generally, 40 or 50 ml, in which you can add classic nicotine boosters or nicotine salt boosters. Finally, DIY allows you to make larger preparations. This can be more practical depending on your consumption habits and is often economical!

E-liquid flavours

“Classic” aromas for a restored flavour

A smooth transition can be made on an e-liquid that restores the taste of traditional tobacco. These aromas are called Classics. Do not be misled by the name: this flavour does not directly contain nicotine but restores the taste of tobacco. You can choose the desired nicotine level later.

Menthol: for fans of freshness

Naturally, we invite you to test this collection if you are looking for freshness or a polar sensation in the mouth. We also suggest you test the Salt e-Vapor Ice Mint, but we will discuss it a little later in the article.

Gourmet Blends

Test the recipes composed of blend and discover a vape of classic blond all in greed! Gourmet recipes based on classic blond are to be tested if you are looking for flavoured tobacco. This type of hybrid aroma, which is a little further away from tobacco, can be a transition to so-called “taste” vaping and accompany you towards the definitive cessation of all that is close to your old sensations (taste tobacco, nicotine, smoke, hit).

Vape and gustatory pleasure: or when the stomach becomes the saviour of the lungs

Do you think that an e-liquid with a salivating recipe can make you forget about tobacco? That your stomach can dictate its law to your lungs? Well, you are right: it is common knowledge that tobacco addiction comes from a routine and thoughtless psychological mechanism (stress, programmed gesture, daily habits, etc.). So, by assimilating gluttony to vaping, it is possible to divert your mind from your old addiction… And to consider your new habit as a “taste gesture” similar to a culinary tasting. Don’t worry, vaping these e-liquids does not affect your weight!

With a whole variety of aromas ranging from fruity to gourmet, through original recipes, you can therefore test and explore these aromatic fields to finally combine pleasure and health.

Head for fruity and gourmet e-liquids

Exit the taste of cigarettes? If you are looking for a flavour at the antipodes of tobacco, we have a whole range of gourmet e-liquids to offer you.

With the Sensation range composed of fruity e-liquids in single and bigot, discover flavours made from top-quality materials. The fruits have been worked meticulously to restore all their original aromas. From very juicy vineyard peach to slightly acidic cola cherry, there is something for everyone! 

To take your first steps towards gourmet e-liquids, you can turn to gourmet mono-flavours with, among others, the Salted Butter Caramel and Grilled Hazelnut e-liquids. If you want to try more elaborate recipes, turn to safe bets such as Black Pudding Juice. With a quintet of Coffee-Hazelnut-Caramel-Pecan-Vanilla flavours all in balance, such an e-liquid known to all experienced vapers will delight you with its roundness in the mouth and its good coexistence with nicotine.

In search of the hit of the summer

During the first experiences of vaping, and to make the comparison with the cigarette, first-time vapers are looking for the Hit: this tingling sensation in the throat during inhalation. To create this feeling in the throat, you have to turn to a formulation based on a special hit nicotine salt. The PG-VG base may also be important. Some e-liquids are too volatile and light because they contain too much VG, a component known to generate a lot of vapour. 70-30, 80-20? It’s up to you to test different dosages to find your happiness.